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A2. Leland, c. 1536-40

6 identified entries found.
  • A2.1: Hugh of Saint-Victor OSA [c1096–1141]
    Chronica de tribus maximis circumstantiis gestorum unpr.; prologue, ed. W. M. Green, Speculum 18 (1943) 484–93 (text, 488–92); Goy, 36–43. [J. Harrison, `The English reception of Hugh of Saint-Victor's Chronica', eBLJ (2002).]
  • A2.2: Q. Aurelius Symmachus [c340–402]
    Epistolae ed. O. Seeck, MGH Auct. Antiq. 6/1 (1883); Manitius, HSS, 195 no. 124.
  • A2.†3 (`prometicus Alexandri Nequam carmine prosa intermixta'): Alexander Nequam OSA [1157–1217], canon of Cirencester
    Corrogationes noui Promethei part ed. M. Esposito in EHR 30 (1915) 457–9, and H. Walther in Medium Æuum 31 (1962) 33–42; ed. L. S. Cropp, PhD diss. (Toronto 1990); WIC 9291; Hunt, Nequam, 138–9.
  • A2.4: Elias of Thriplow [† before 1251]
    Contra inanem nobilitatem not known to survive; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 112.
  • A2.5 (`epistolae uariae C.'): Cassiodorus Senator [c485–580]
    Variae CPL 896; ed. $caring$$. J. Fridh, CCSL 96 (1973) 3–499.
  • A2.6 (`chronicon a Nino ad Caesarem . .'): Hugh of Fleury OSB [† c1135]
    Historia ecclesiastica siue Chronicon the first redaction, ed. B. Rottendorff (Münster 1638); the second redaction, part ed. G. Waitz, MGH Scriptores 9. 337–64; N. Lettinck in RB 91 (1981) 386–97. [The work was sent by the author for correction to Ivo of Chartres, to whom it is commonly ascribed.]

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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