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B101. Leland, c. 1536-40

5 identified entries found.
  • B101.1 (`eglogae aliquot Marci exquaestoris qui floruit tempore Iustiniani'): Marcus Valerius [fl. ?520]
    Bucolica ed. F. Munari (Florence 19702). Although the work has been widely thought to date from the 12th cent. F. Dolbeau in MLJ 22 (1987) 166–70 has pointed to an early 6th-cent. consul as the possible author.
  • B101.2: Porphyry [232–302]
    Isagoge in Categorias Aristotelis, tr. Boethius ed. L. Minio-Paluello, AL 1/6–7 (1966) 5–31. [See also Aristotle, Logica uetus.]
  • B101.3 (`Waleys super quinque libros Mosis'): Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    Moralitates on Exodus–Deuteronomy unpr.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 687; Stegmüller Bibl. 8237–40. [The copies reported at B101 and Z26 have no commentary on Genesis, nor has that in Bodl. MS Laud misc. 345; those referred to in Stegmüller are all by other Thomases.]
  • B101.4 (`Necham qualis esse debeat uita monachorum carmine. Quid deceat monachum'): Roger of Caen OSB [†1095]
    (?), De professione monachorum PL 158. 687–706; ed. T. Wright, RS 59/2 (1875), 175–200; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 584; Hunt, Nequam, 148; Bloomfield 4771; WIC 15778. [In manuscripts ascribed most commonly to Alexander Nequam or Anselm; the attribution to Roger of Caen, found in three Norman copies, is favoured by Manitius.]
  • B101.5 (`Ioannes Cornubiensis de uirtute crucis in sacramento altaris'): Richard the Premonstratensian [late 12th cent.]
    De canone missae PL 177. 455–70; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 499–501. [Sometimes attributed to John of Cornwall; B. Hauréau, Notices et extraits 24/2 (1876) 145, collects the evidence for the attribution to Richard the Premonstratensian.]

5 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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