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B106. Receipt for further goods of Archbishop Langham, 1378

4 identified entries found.
  • B106.1 (`memoriale decreti Iohannis'): Iohannes Iohannis (Jean de Jean) [†1361]
    H. Gilles in HLF 40 (1974) 53–111.
    Memoriale Decreti (1339), titled in the early printed editions Concordantiae Bibliae et canonum pr. Cologne 1482 (Goff J379), &c. (under the name Iohannes Nivicellensis); pr. with the Lombard's Sentences, Basel 1498 (Goff P496), &c.; Schulte, 2, 379; Stegmüller Bibl. 4834. [His style abbas Juncellensis was corrupted to Niuicellensis, causing confusion with the 11th-cent. Benedictine.]
  • B106.4 (Ia IIe): Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Kaeppeli's repertory of Dominican writers excluded Thomas Aquinas, for whom there is no manuscript-based listing. Since the list by Glorieux, 1. 85–104, the tally of works has been reduced. For an up-to-date list, see G. Emery in J. P. Torrell, Thomas Aquinas 1 The Person and His work (Washington, DC, 1996), 330–61, following on from lists by I. T. Eschmann in E. Gilson, The Christian Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas (New York, NY, 1956), 381–437, and J. A. Weisheipl, Friar Thomas d'Aquino (New York, NY, 1974), 355–405. There is an up-to-date list of current editions by E. Alarcón, Optimae editiones operum Thomae de Aquino,
    Summa theologica STO vols. 4–12; Glorieux Rép. 14ax.
  • B106.6: Petrus Comestor [†1187]
    Historia scholastica pr. [Augsburg] 1473 (Goff P458), &c.; PL 198. 1053–1722; ed. H. A. Vollmer (Berlin 1925–7); Genesis only, ed. A. Sylwan, CCCM 191 (2005).
  • B106.9: Isidore of Seville [†636], bishop of Seville
    Sententiae CPL 1199; pr. Nuremberg [not after April 1470] (Goff I192), &c.; ed. P. Cazier, CCSL 111 (1998); Diaz 111.

4 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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