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B107. Books bequeathed by Br Richard Exeter, 1396

13 identified entries found.
  • B107.1: Henricus de Segusio, known as Hostiensis [c1200–1271]
    Summa super titulis Decretalium pr. Rome 1473 (GW 12231), &c.; Schulte, 2. 125–7. [F. Soetermeer, `Summa archiepiscopi alias Summa Copiosa: some remarks on the medieval editions of the Summa Hostiensis', Ius commune 26 (1999) 1–25.]
  • B107.2 (vol. 1): Henricus de Segusio, known as Hostiensis [c1200–1271]
    Lectura super Decretales pr. Strassburg 1512 &c.; Schulte, 2. 125.
  • B107.3: Willelmus Durandus the Elder [1237–1296], bishop of Mende
    Rationale diuinorum officiorum pr. Mainz 1459 (GW 9101), &c.; ed. A. Davril & T. M. Thibodeau, CCCM 140, 140A (1995–8); Schulte, 2. 155. [There is also an annotated English translation of Book IV by T. M. Thibodeau (Turnhout 2013).]
  • B107.4: Marco Polo [1254–1323]
    De conditionibus et consuetudinibus orientalium regionum, Latin tr. by Francesco Pipino pr. Gouda 1483/85, Basel 1532; Kaeppeli 1114.
  • B107.5: Paulus de Liazariis [†1356]
    Lectura super Clementinas unpr.; Schulte, 2. 247; DDC 6. 1276–7.
  • B107.6 (`bromzerd bonum') ?= B108.5: John of Bromyard OP [†1352]
    Opus triuium siue Tractatus iuris ciuilis et canonici ad moralem materiam applicati pr. [Cologne not after 1473] (Goff J258), &c.; Kaeppeli 2235. This work was commonly referred to as Bromyard's Distinctiones, but such copies are usually indistinguishable from Kaeppeli 2237.
  • B107.†7: `Dares Phrygius'
    De excidio Troiae historia ed. F. Meister, Teubner (1873).
  • B107.8: Petrus Comestor [†1187]
    Historia scholastica pr. [Augsburg] 1473 (Goff P458), &c.; PL 198. 1053–1722; ed. H. A. Vollmer (Berlin 1925–7); Genesis only, ed. A. Sylwan, CCCM 191 (2005).
  • B107.9: Dinus de Mugello [†1298]
    De Regulis iuris pr. Rome 1472 (GW 8354), &c.; Schulte, 2. 177. [The Regulae iuris is the last title in Liber Sextus Decretalium.]
  • B107.†10: Laurent d'Orleans OP [fl. 1279]
    La somme le roi, compiled at the request of King Philip III ed. E. Brayer & A. F. Leurquin-Labie (Paris 2008); Kaeppeli 2809.
  • B107.14: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Incendium amoris ed. M. Deanesly (Manchester 1915); Allen, Rolle, 209–29.
  • B107.†15 (`liber de Iohanne Maudyth'): John Maudith [† after 1342]
    Tractatus de doctrina theologica unpr.; Salisbury Cathedral, MS 167 (s. xiv), fols. 18–74.

13 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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