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B121. Leland, c. 1536-40

21 identified entries found.
  • B121.1: Albertino Mussato [1261–1329]
    Commentary on Seneca's Tragedies ed. A. Kh. Megas (Thessalonica 1969).
  • B121.2: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Seneca's Tragedies ed. E. Franceschini (Thyestes) (Milan 1938), V. Ussani (Hercules Furens) (Rome 1959), P. Meloni (Agamemnon) (Rome 1961), P. Meloni (Hercules Oetaeus) (Rome 1962), M. Palma (Troades) (Rome 1977); Kaeppeli 3146a.
  • B121.3 (inc.): Hilasius [?]
    (attrib.), De XII laboribus Herculis ed. A. Riese, Anthologia Latina siue Poesis Latinae Supplementum, Teubner (1894–1906), 1/2. 95–6; ICL 11383.
  • B121.4: Hermannus Contractus [1013–1054]
    Compositio astrolabii PL 143. 381–90; Thorndike/Kibre 278, 611, 692.
  • B121.5: Folcard OSB [† after 1085], monk of Saint-Bertin
    Vita S. Iohannis Beuerlacensis ed. J. Raine, RS 71/1 (1879), 239–60; BHL 4339.
  • B121.*6: Machutus
  • B121.*7: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Commentary on the Psalms pr. Cologne 1536, 1–83; Stegmüller Bibl. 7298; Allen, Rolle, 165–9.
  • B121.*8: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Paruum Iob siue Libellus in nouem lectiones mortuorum pr. [Oxford 1483] (Goff R305, Duff 363); pr. Cologne 1536, 89–112; ed. M. R. Moyes, Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies 92/12 (Salzburg 1988); Stegmüller Bibl. 7296; Allen, Rolle, 130–44.
  • B121.*9: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Commentary on Lamentations pr. Cologne 1536, 123–9; Stegmüller Bibl. 7310; Allen, Rolle, 150–2.
  • B121.*10: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Commentary on the Song of Songs ed. E. M. Murray, PhD diss. (Fordham University, New York 1958); Stegmüller Bibl. 7307; Allen, Rolle, 62–66.
  • B121.*11: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Commentary on the Lord's Prayer pr. Cologne 1536, 145–6; Stegmüller Bibl. 7312,1; Bloomfield 8395; Allen, Rolle, 155.
  • B121.*12: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Emendatio uitae pr. Paris 1510 &c.; ed. N. J. Watson, TMLT 21 (1995), 33–68; Bloomfield 3191; Allen, Rolle, 230–45.
  • B121.*13: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Incendium amoris ed. M. Deanesly (Manchester 1915); Allen, Rolle, 209–29.
  • B121.*14: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Iudica me Deus [Ps. 42 1]: ed. J. P. Daly, Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies 92/14 (Salzburg 1984); Stegmüller Bibl. 7300; Bloomfield 2872; Allen, Rolle, 93–113.
  • B121.*15: Richard Rolle [†1349]
    Commentary on Revelation ed. N. Marzac (Paris 1968); Stegmüller Bibl. 7311; Allen, Rolle, 152–5.
  • B121.16: Radulphus de Diceto [†1199/1200]
    Opuscula ed. W. Stubbs, RS 68 (1876) 1. xcvii–viii, 2. 177–285.
  • B121.17 (`Licolniensis de corde', inc.): Gerardus Leodiensis [early 13th cent.]
    (attrib.), De doctrina cordis pr. Paris 1506 &c.; pr. Naples 1607 (as Gerardus Leodiensis OP); ed. G. Hendrix, Hugo de Sancto Caro. Traktaat De doctrina cordis (Leuven 1995); Thomson, Grosseteste, 248–9. [Attributed in the 13th cent. to `Gerardus OP lector domus Leodiensis'. Wilmart identified the author as Gerardus de Leodio OCist (early 13th cent.). Not in Kaeppeli, who does not recognize Girard of Liège as a Dominican (Kaeppeli, 2. 99); the attribution to Hugh of Saint-Cher OP was put forward by G. Hendrix in 1980 but especially in his book, Hugh de Sancto Caro. Traktaat De doctrina cordis (Louvain 1995). The latest study by N. F. Palmer, `The authorship of De doctrina cordis, in A Companion to The Doctrine of the Hert, ed. D. Renevey & C. Whitehead (Exeter, 2010), 19–56, tests the evidence and supports Wilmart's argument.]
  • B121.18: Gerald of Wales [1146–1226]
    Topographia Hiberniae ed. J. F. Dimock, RS 21/5 (1867), 3–202.
  • B121.19: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Augustine's De ciuitate Dei part pr. [Strassburg c. 1468] (GW 2883), Mainz 1473 &c.; Kaeppeli 3136. [Trevet's work was used in early printings to continue the fuller but incomplete commentary by Thomas Waleys, which ends at X 29.]
  • B121.†20 (inc., attrib. Grosseteste): John of St Germans OSB [† after 1317]
    Commentary on Aristotle's Analytica posteriora pr. among the works of John Duns Scotus, DSO, 2. 199–347; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 307.

21 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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