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B17. Status, 1260

16 identified entries found.
  • B17.2 (`terciam partem C. super euangelia'): Clement of Lanthony OSA [† after 1169]
    Commentary on the Gospels not known to survive; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 86. Copies so described were perhaps Clement's commentary on his own Vnum ex quattuor.
  • B17.3a: Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    De cura pastorali CPL 1712.
  • B17.3b: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De octo Dulcitii quaestionibus CPL 291; ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44A (1975) 253–97.
  • B17.4: Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    Dialogi CPL 1713; ed. A. de Vogüé, SChr 251, 260, 265 (1978–80).
  • B17.5: Papias [fl. 1050]
    [dub.] `Campus floridus' unidentified.
  • B17.6 (exc.): Hugh of Saint-Cher OP [†1263]
    Biblia cum postilla pr. [Basel 1498–1502], 7 vols. (GW 4285); pr. Venice 1703; Stegmüller Bibl. 3631–3769; Kaeppeli 1989. [P. Stirnemann, `Les manuscrits de la Postille', and B. Carra de Vaux, `La constitution du corpus exégétique', in Hugues de Saint-Cher (†1263), bibliste et théologien (Turnhout 2004), 31–42, 43–63.]
  • B17.†7: Sulpicius Severus [c363—after 420]
    Vita S. Martini CPL 475–7; BHL 5610, 5611–16; ed. J. Fontaine, SChr 133 (1967).
  • B17.8b: Geoffrey of Monmouth [†1154]
    Prophetia Merlini (Historia regum Britanniae VII), often found separately ed. A. Griscom (London 1929), 383–97; ed. E. Faral, La Légende arturienne (Paris 1929), 3. 186–203. [= §§ 106–118 in Faral's text of the Historia regum Britanniae.]
  • B17.8c (only hom. 33 on Luke 7:36): Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    Homiliae XL in euangelia CPL 1711; pr. [Augsburg] 1473 (GW 11418), &c.
  • B17.10 (`summa magistri I. de Abbatis uilla'): John Halgrin of Abbeville [†1239]
    J. Ribaillier, DS 8 (1974) 249–56.
    Sermones de tempore unpr.; Glorieux Rép. 113a; Schneyer Rep. 3. 510–523.
  • B17.11: Raymond of Peñafort OP [c1180–1275]
    Summa de casibus poenitentiae ed. X. Ochoa & A. Diez, Universa bibliotheca iuris 1B (Rome 1976); Kuttner, 443–5; Bloomfield 5054; Diaz 1324. [Manuscripts listed by L. Robles, `Escritores dominicos de la Corona de Aragón (siglos XIII–XV)', in Repertorio de historia de las ciencias eclesiásticas en España (Salamanca 1967–79), 3. 11–175 (at 14–31). The common apparatus is that of William of Rennes.] [Book III tit. 34, De poenitentiis et remissionibus, Ochoa & Diez, 795–882 (Bloomfield 3954) and Book IV, Ochoa & Diez, ??? (Bloomfield 4943) also circulate separately.]
  • B17.15: John Beleth [† after 1182]
    Summa de ecclesiasticis officiis ed. H. Douteil, CCCM 41, 41A (1976).
  • B17.16 (anon.): Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    Homiliae in Ezechielem CPL 1710; ed. M. Adriaen, CCSL 142 (1971).
  • B17.*50i (`enucleationes Augustini'): Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De octo Dulcitii quaestionibus CPL 291; ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44A (1975) 253–97.

16 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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