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B23. Books written by John de Bruges, c. 1240

15 identified entries found.
  • B23.2: Haimo of Auxerre [fl. 840–865]
    Textes et manuscrits exégétiques carolingiens. Études autour d'Haymon d'Auxerre, ed. S. Shimahara (Turnhout 2007).
    Commentary on Isaiah PL 116. 715–1086; Stegmüller Bibl. 3083.
  • B23.8: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    [dub.] `Super epistolas canonicas' unidentified.
  • B23.9b: Regula S. Benedicti CPL 1852; ed. J. Neufville, SChr 181–2 (1972); ed. R. Hanslik, CSEL 75 (19772).
  • B23.9c: Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    De cura pastorali CPL 1712.
  • B23.12a: Palladius [4th cent.]
    De agricultura pr. in Scriptores rei rusticae, Venice 1472 (Goff S346), &c.; ed. R. H. Rodgers, Teubner (1975).
  • B23.12b: Ildefonsus of Toledo [†667], bishop of Toledo
    A. Braegelmann, The Life and Writings of St Ildefonsus of Toledo (Washington, DC, 1942).
    De uirginitate perpetua beatae Mariae CPL 1247; ed. V. Yarza Urquiola & C. Codoñer, CCSL 114A (2007); Diaz 223.
  • B23.13b: Helperic of Auxerre [9th cent.]
    Computus PL 137. 17–48; on the manuscripts see L. Traube in Neues Archiv 18 (1893) 71–105; P. McGurk, Medium Ævum 43 (1974) 1–5..
  • B23.†13a (`librum experimentorum', anon.): Bernardus Silvestris [† after 1159]
    Experimentarius ed. M. Brini-Savorelli, Rivista critica di storia della filosofia 14 (1959) 306–342; Thorndike/Kibre 633, 1594. [C. S. F. Burnett in AHDLMA 44 (1977) 62–108.]
  • B23.14c: Geoffrey of Monmouth [†1154]
    Prophetia Merlini (Historia regum Britanniae VII), often found separately ed. A. Griscom (London 1929), 383–97; ed. E. Faral, La Légende arturienne (Paris 1929), 3. 186–203. [= §§ 106–118 in Faral's text of the Historia regum Britanniae.]
  • B23.22: Gregory IX (Ugolino da Segni) [c1148–1241, sedit 1227–1241]
    Decretales ed. Friedberg, Corpus iuris canonici, 2. 1–928; Schulte, 2. 3–25, 412. [The ordinary gloss on the Decretals is that by Bernard of Parma: pr. Strassburg 1468/71 (GW 11450), &c.; pr. Venice 1605; Schulte, 2. 115.] [Entries for Decretales ueteres are more likely to refer to one of the older decretal compilations; entered under Bernard of Pavia.]
  • B23.24a (`generaciones ueteris et noui testamenti'): Peter of Poitiers [c1130–1205]
    Genealogia historiarum ed. P. S. Moore (Notre Dame, IN, 1936); Stegmüller Bibl. 6778; Glorieux Rép. 100f.
  • B23.24b: Petrus Comestor [†1187]
    Historia scholastica pr. [Augsburg] 1473 (Goff P458), &c.; PL 198. 1053–1722; ed. H. A. Vollmer (Berlin 1925–7); Genesis only, ed. A. Sylwan, CCCM 191 (2005).
  • B23.24c: Anselm of Laon [†1117]
    Gloss on the Psalms (Parua glosatura) GO 2. 456–651; ed. Erasmus, Freiburg 1533 (as the work of Haimo of Halberstadt), &c.;PL 116. 193–696; Stegmüller Bibl. 1357.
  • B23.28: Peter Lombard [c1100–1160]
    Sententiarum libri IV pr. [Strassburg, before 1471] (Goff P479), &c.; PL 192. 521–962; ed. I. Brady, Spicilegium Bonauenturianum 4–5 (Grottaferrata 1971–81).
  • B23.29: Osbertus [?]
    Liber de statu ecclesiae unidentified.

15 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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