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B29. Books acquired by Abbot Thomas Marlborough, early 13th cent.

15 identified entries found.
  • B29.1: Ps. Democritus
    Liber medicinalis, Latin tr. ed. J. Heeg, Abh. der k. Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschafter, phil.-hist. Cl. (1913), Heft 4; Sabbah, 68; Thorndike/Kibre 364.
  • B29.2 (`antiparalenion'): Galen [c129–?199]
    Antibalomenon, Latin tr. unpr.; Thorndike/Kibre 1128, 1130, 1210, 1260. [See note on P6.116.]
  • B29.3 (`librum graduum secundum C.'): Constantinus Africanus OSB [c1015–1087], monk of Monte Cassino
    Liber graduum, existing in several forms; the prologue, `Cum disputationem simplicis medicinae' has several variants (Thorndike/Kibre 293, 1273, 1303); the text too has several forms pr. Basel 1536 (with the works of Constantine), 342–87 (`Rosa est frigida', Thorndike/Kibre 1366) is the best edition; pr. Lyon 1515 (with the works of Isaac Iudaeus), 78r–86r (`Aurum temperantius est ceteris metallis', Thorndike/Kibre 168) is shortened, arranged alphabetically, and included within the Practica Pantegni; there is also another alphabetical arrangement (`Absinthium calidum', Thorndike/Kibre 11).
  • B29.4: Isidore of Seville [†636], bishop of Seville
    De ecclesiasticis officiis CPL 1207; ed. C. M. Lawson, CCSL 113 (1989); Diaz 104.
  • B29.5: Isidore of Seville [†636], bishop of Seville
    [dub.] `Quadriuium' unidentified.
  • B29.6: M. Tullius Cicero [106–43 BC]
    De amicitia ed. K. Simbeck, Teubner (1917).
  • B29.8: M. Tullius Cicero [106–43 BC]
    De senectute ed. K. Simbeck, Teubner (1917).
  • B29.9: M. Tullius Cicero [106–43 BC]
    Paradoxa stoicorum ed. O. Plasberg, Teubner (1908); ed. R. Badali (Milan 1968).
  • B29.10: M. Annaeus Lucanus [AD 39–65]
    De bello ciuili ed. A. E. Housman (Oxford 1926); ed. G. Luck (Berlin 1985).
  • B29.11: D. Iunius Iuuenalis (Juvenal) [c60–c130]
    Saturae ed. W. V. Clausen, OCT (1959).
  • B29.17a: Haimo of Auxerre [fl. 840–865]
    Textes et manuscrits exégétiques carolingiens. Études autour d'Haymon d'Auxerre, ed. S. Shimahara (Turnhout 2007).
    Commentary on Revelation PL 117. 937–1220 (as Haimo); Stegmüller Bibl. 3072, 3122.
  • B29.17b, 18: Thomas of Marlborough OSB [†1236]
    Vitae et gesta patronorum et abbatum Eueshamiae ed. W. D. Macray, RS 29 (1863), 1–256.
  • B29.†29 (anon., `allegorias super V.T.'): Richard of Saint-Victor OSA [†1173]
    R. Goy, Die handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke Richards von St. Viktor im Mittelalter, Bibliotheca Victorina 18 (Turnhout 2006).
    Liber exceptionum PL 177. 191–284 (Part I only); ed. J. Châtillon, Textes philosophiques du moyen âge 5 (Paris 1958); Stegmüller Bibl. 7317. [Part II, Books I–IX, circulated as Allegoriae super V. T.: PL 175. 633–750; ed. Châtillon, 213–373. Books XI–XIV, Allegoriae super N. T.: PL 175. 751–924; ed. Châtillon, 439–517; Stegmüller Bibl. 3847–8 (Hugh), 6573 (Petrus Comestor), 7316 (Richard)]
  • B29.31: Innocent III (Lotharius de Segnis) [1160/61–1216, sedit 1198–1216]
    De missarum mysteriis PL 217. 773–916. [List of manuscripts by D. F. Wright in Rivista di storia della chiesa in Italia 29 (1975) 444–52; edition by C. Egger in progress.]
  • B29.32: Alexander Nequam OSA [1157–1217], canon of Cirencester
    Corrogationes Promethei excerpts ed. P. Meyer, Notices et extraits 35/2 (1896), 641–82; Hunt, Nequam, 131–3.

15 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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