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B33. Record of books on loan, 1363 × 1366

5 identified entries found.
  • B33.†3 (anon.): John of Freiburg OP [†1314]
    Summa confessorum pr. Augsburg 1476 (Goff J316), &c.; Schulte, 2. 421–2; Bloomfield 5256; Kaeppeli 2344. [Published in 1298; anonymous copies often indistinguishable from the earlier work by Thomas of Chobham.]
  • B33.4: Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    [dub.] `Summa' unidentified.
  • B33.7: Gratian [† by c1160]
    Decretum PL 187; ed. E. Friedberg, Corpus iuris canonici, vol. 1 (1879). [The ordinary gloss on the Decretum is that of Iohannes Teutonicus, revised in the mid 13th cent. by Bartholomew of Brescia: pr. Venice 1605; Kuttner, 103–115.] [`Paleae' are canons added to Gratian's original recension in the second, vulgate version.]
  • B33.8: Gregory IX (Ugolino da Segni) [c1148–1241, sedit 1227–1241]
    Decretales ed. Friedberg, Corpus iuris canonici, 2. 1–928; Schulte, 2. 3–25, 412. [The ordinary gloss on the Decretals is that by Bernard of Parma: pr. Strassburg 1468/71 (GW 11450), &c.; pr. Venice 1605; Schulte, 2. 115.] [Entries for Decretales ueteres are more likely to refer to one of the older decretal compilations; entered under Bernard of Pavia.]
  • B33.9: Willelmus de Pagula [early 14th cent.]
    Summa summarum unpr.; excerpts ed. L. E. Boyle, Proceedings of Second Congress of Medieval Canon Law (Vatican City 1965), 415–56; Bloomfield 0234; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 800.

5 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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