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B35. Leland, c. 1536-40

7 identified entries found.
  • B35.1: Hrabanus Maurus [†856]
    Hrabanus Maurus in Fulda mit einer Hrabanus-Maurus-Bibliographie (1979–2009), Fuldaer Studien 13 (2010).
    Commentary on Matthew PL 107. 727–1156; Stegmüller Bibl. 7060.
  • B35.2 (`enchiridion Xysti'): Sextus the Pythagorean [?2nd cent.]
    Sententiae, tr. Rufinus CPG 1115; ed. H. Chadwick, The Sentences of Sextus (Cambridge 1959), 9–63.
  • B35.3: Prévostin of Cremona [c1135–1210]
    G. Lacombe, La vie et les oeuvres de Prévostin, also titled Prepositini Cancellarii Parisiensis opera omnia 1, Bibliothèque Thomiste 11 (1927).
    Summa de quaestionibus theologicis Part I, ed. G. Angelini, L'Ortodossia e la grammatica, Analecta Gregoriana 183 (Rome 1972), 191–303; Parts II–III, unpr.; Part IV, ed. D. E. Pilarczyk, Praepositini cancellarii de sacramentis et de nouissimis (Rome 1964); Glorieux Rép. 109g; Stegmüller Sent. 699. [Chapters listed by Lacombe, 168–82.]
  • B35.4: Gerald of Wales [1146–1226]
    Topographia Hiberniae ed. J. F. Dimock, RS 21/5 (1867), 3–202.
  • B35.5: Solinus [3rd cent.]
    Collectanea rerum mirabilium pr. Venice 1473 (Goff S615), &c.; ed. T. Mommsen (Berlin 1895).
  • B35.6: William of Malmesbury OSB [c1080–1143]
    Gesta regum Anglorum ed. W. Stubbs, RS 90 (1887–9); ed. M. Winterbottom & R. M. Thomson, OMT (1998–9).
  • B35.7: Odo OSB [†1101], cardinal of Ostia
    (attrib.), Miracula inuentionis beatae Mildburgae uirginis ed. P. A. Hatward, EHR 114 (1999) 543–73; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 64.

7 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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