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B60. Leland, c. 1536-40

8 identified entries found.
  • B60.1 = B61.7: Flores historiarum, formerly attrib. Matthew of Westminster ed. H. R. Luard, RS 95 (1890).
  • B60.2: Martin of Troppau OP [†1278]
    Chronica pontificum et imperatorum ed. L. Weiland, MGH Scriptores 22 (1872), 377–482; Kaeppeli 2974; A. D. von den Brincken in Deutsches Archiv 41 (1985) 460–531. [On the work's reception in England see W. V. Ikas in EHR 116 (2001) 327-41 and at greater length, Fortsetzungen zur Papst- und Kaiserchronik Martins von Troppau aus England, MGH (Hannover 2004).]
  • B60.3: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Augustine's De ciuitate Dei part pr. [Strassburg c. 1468] (GW 2883), Mainz 1473 &c.; Kaeppeli 3136. [Trevet's work was used in early printings to continue the fuller but incomplete commentary by Thomas Waleys, which ends at X 29.]
  • B60.*4 = B61.*3: Gerald of Wales [1146–1226]
    Expugnatio Hibernica ed. J. F. Dimock, RS 21/5 (1867), 207–404; ed. A. B. Scott & F. X. Martin (Dublin 1978).
  • B60.5 (`pantheon Godefridi Viterbiensis'): Godfrey of Viterbo [† c. 1196]
    Pantheon siue Liber uniuersalis (1185) pr. under the title Pantheon siue Vniersitatis libri XX, Basel 1559; parts XVI–XX, PL 198. 875–1044; excerpts ed. G. Waitz, MGH Scriptores 22 (1872), 107–307.
  • B60.6 (`omeliae Radulphi Actonis'): Radulphus Ardens [late 12th cent.]
    DS 13 (1988) 97–106.
    Sermones dominicales PL 155. 1301–2118; Schneyer Rep. 5. 1–8. Several medieval copies in England were marked `Acton', leading Leland to attribute the sermons to `Ralph Acton', who appears to be a ghost; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 443. [List of manuscripts by R. J. Stansbury in Studi medievali 3rd ser. 42 (2001) 875–96.]
  • B60.8 = B61.20: Thomas of Monmouth OSB [† after 1172]
    Vita S. Willelmi Norwicensis ed. A. Jessopp & M. R. James (Cambridge 1896); BHL 8926.
  • B60.9: Historia Meriadoci ed. J. D. Bruce, Hesperia, Ergänzungsreihe 2 (Göttingen 1913), 1–54.

8 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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