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B7. Books in the possession of former steward, 1553

26 identified entries found.
  • B7.¶1: P. Vergilius Maro [70–19 BC]
    Opera ed. R. A. B. Mynors, OCT (1969). [The triple commentary comprises those of Servius, Donatus, and Christophorus Landinus; M. Davies & J. Goldfinch, Vergil: a census of printed editions 1469–1500 (London 1992).]
  • B7.¶2 (`with a comment'): M. Tullius Cicero [106–43 BC]
    De officiis ed. M. Winterbottom, OCT (1994).
  • B7.†¶3 (anon.): Matthew of Cracow [†1410]
    De modo confitendi (ps. Thomas Aquinas) pr. Cologne 1467 &c.
  • B7.¶5: Jan Hus [1371–1415]
    De causa Boemica pr. Hagenau c. 1520 (Adams H1203).
  • B7.¶6: Desiderius Erasmus [1466–1536]
    Enchiridion militis Christi pr. Antwerp 1503, Louvain 1515, &c.
  • B7.¶7 (`Isopp's Fables'): Aesop [6th cent. BC]
    Fabulae, English tr. pr. by W. Caxton, Westminster 1484 (GW 376, STC 175), &c.
  • B7.¶8 (anon.): Nicolas Denyse OFM Obs [†1509]
    Summa quae Gemma praedicantium dicitur pr. Rouen [after 1500] (Goff D140), Paris 1520.
  • B7.¶9 (anon.): Iudocus de Erfurt [early 15th cent.]
    DDC 6. 181–6.
    (attrib.), Vocabularius iuris utriusque pr. [Basel, not after 1473] (Goff V334), &c.; Schulte, 2. 488. [The work travels anonymously.]
  • B7.¶12: Nicholas of Lyre OFM [†1349]
    H. Labrosse, `Oeuvres de Nicolas de Lyre', Études franciscaines 19 (1908) 153–75, 368–79, and 35 (1923) 171–87, 400–432; G. Dahan (ed.), Nicolas de Lyre, franciscain du XIVe siècle, exégète et théologien (Turnhout 2011).
    [dub.] `Epistola Nicholai de Lier' unidentified.
  • B7.¶14 (anon.): Alexander Carpenter [fl. 1430]
    Destructorium uitiorum pr. Cologne 1480 (GW 865), &c.; Bloomfield 3612.
  • B7.¶15 (`cathologus sanctorum'): Petrus de Natalibus (Pietro Ungarello di Marco de' Natali) [late 14th cent.]
    Catalogus sanctorum et gestorum eorum pr. Vicenza 1493 (Goff N6), &c.
  • B7.¶16: Haimo of Auxerre [fl. 840–865]
    Textes et manuscrits exégétiques carolingiens. Études autour d'Haymon d'Auxerre, ed. S. Shimahara (Turnhout 2007).
    Commentary on the Pauline Epistles pr. Strassburg 1519, &c.; PL 117. 361–938; Stegmüller Bibl. 3101–114.
  • B7.†¶17 (`casus Bernardi'): Bernard of Parma [†1266]
    Casus longi super Decretales pr. Paris 1475 (GW 4092), &c.; Schulte, 2. 115–16.
  • B7.¶18: Willelmus Durandus the Elder [1237–1296], bishop of Mende
    Rationale diuinorum officiorum pr. Mainz 1459 (GW 9101), &c.; ed. A. Davril & T. M. Thibodeau, CCCM 140, 140A (1995–8); Schulte, 2. 155. [There is also an annotated English translation of Book IV by T. M. Thibodeau (Turnhout 2013).]
  • B7.¶20: Henricus de Segusio, known as Hostiensis [c1200–1271]
    Summa super titulis Decretalium pr. Rome 1473 (GW 12231), &c.; Schulte, 2. 125–7. [F. Soetermeer, `Summa archiepiscopi alias Summa Copiosa: some remarks on the medieval editions of the Summa Hostiensis', Ius commune 26 (1999) 1–25.]
  • B7.¶21 (anon.): Peter Lombard [c1100–1160]
    Sententiarum libri IV pr. [Strassburg, before 1471] (Goff P479), &c.; PL 192. 521–962; ed. I. Brady, Spicilegium Bonauenturianum 4–5 (Grottaferrata 1971–81).
  • B7.¶22: Aristotle [384–322 BC]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 1. 267–81 (on tradition and influence). Indexing Aristotle's works presents difficulties at several levels. He wrote a great deal. The sources provide evidence at different periods for the Greek text, multiple Latin translations from Arabic and from Greek, groupings of individual works under familiar medieval titles, and a wide range of pseudonymous texts. The descriptions provided by the sources are often imprecise, especially as to which Latin translation was recorded. Since the sixteenth century scholarly interest has focused on the Greek text rather than on versions current in the middle ages. Only in recent decades has Aristoteles Latinus attempted to document the Latin versions current at different times, but its progress with editions has been slow. Recently Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) has provided complementary material. Since 1971 a separate series Aristoteles Semito-Latinus has aimed to edit translations from Arabic. Where neither is not available, one must have recourse either to major sixteenth-century printings of Latin (in cases where they print the medieval versions) or to the earliest printed editions that may themselves have been documented by our sources. The resulting index is inevitably uneven. Thanks to Pieter de Leemans for his advice.
    Ethica, tr. Iohannes Argyropulus pr. Florence [c. 1480] (GW 2361), &c. [See also Jacques Lefèvre, Ars moralis.]
  • B7.¶23 (`opus aureum sanctorum', anon.): Iacobus de Voragine (Iacopo da Varazze) OP [†1298]
    Legenda aurea ed. T. Graesse (Breslau 18903/ repr. Osnabrück 1965); ed. G. P. Maggioni, Millennio medievale 6 (Florence 1998, 21999); Kaeppeli 2154. [B. Fleith, Studien zur Überlieferungsgeschichte der lateinischen Legenda aurea, Subsidia hagiographica 72 (1991), records more than one thousand copies in manuscript; ISTC records some 150 printed editions before 1501.]
  • B7.†¶24 (anon.): William of Auxerre [†1231]
    Summa aurea super quatuor libros Sententiarum ed. J. Ribaillier, Spicilegium Bonaventurianum 16–20 (Paris/Grottaferrata 1980–87); Stegmüller Sent. 281.
  • B7.¶25 (`one booke called tartaret'): Petrus Tartaretus [fl. 1480–95]
    Expositio super textu logices Aristotelis pr. [Poitiers 1493/4] (Goff T37), Feiburg 1494 (Goff T38), Paris 1494 (Goff T39), &c.
  • B7.¶26 (incomplete): Ps. Dionysius the Areopagite
    Opera, Latin tr. CPG 6600–6607; pr. Bruges [1479] (GW 8408), &c.; ed. P. Chevallier, Dionysiaca (Bruges 1937–50). [The several translations are printed concurrently by Chevallier.]
  • B7.¶27: Denys Ryckel OCarth [1402–1471]
    Commentary on the Psalms pr. Doctoris ecstatici D. Dionysii Cartusiani opera omnia (Montreuil/Tournai 1896–1935), 5. 389–690 and 6. 1–708; Stegmüller Bibl. 2095.
  • B7.¶28: Denys Ryckel OCarth [1402–1471]
    Commentary on the Gospels pr. Cologne 1532 &c.; pr. Doctoris ecstatici D. Dionysii Cartusiana opera omnia (Montreuil/Tournai 1896–1935), vols. 11–12; Stegmüller Bibl. 2122–5.

26 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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