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B8. Leland, c. 1536-40

8 identified entries found.
  • B8.1: Iohannitius (Hunayn ibn Ishaq al-`Ibadi) [809–873]
    Isagoge ad Artem paruam Galeni, tr. Constantinus Africanus pr. Venice 1491 &c.; ed. D. Garcia & J. L. Vidal, Asclepio 26–27 (1974–5) 267–382; ed. G. Maurach, Sudhoffs Archiv 62 (1978) 148–74; Thorndike/Kibre 856, 1352.
  • B8.2 (`libellus Galeni ad Maecenatem'): Galen [c129–?199]
    (attrib.), Dynamidia ad Maecenatem pr. in all 16th-cent. editions of Galen, Venice 1502 &c.; Thorndike/Kibre 982, 1216.
  • B8.†2 (attrib. Galen): Hippocrates [c460–c380 BC]
    [pseud.] Epistola ad Maecenatem ed. E. Liechtenhan, Corpus medicorum latinorum 5 (Berlin 1968), 26–33 (with Marcellus, De medicamentis); HL 150–52.
  • B8.3: Lawrence of Durham OSB [†1154]
    Hypognosticon ed. M. Liguori Mistretta, PhD diss. (Fordham University, New York 1941); excerpts ed. J. Raine, Surtees Soc. 70 (1880) 62–71; Stegmüller Bibl. 5386.
  • B8.4: Galen [c129–?199]
    De morbo et accidenti, Latin tr. pr. Venice 1490 (GW 10481), 2. 355r–369r; Thorndike/Kibre 684.
  • B8.5: Isaac Iudaeus (Ishaq Ibn Suleiman) [9th cent.]
    Liber febrium, tr. Constantinus Africanus pr. Lyon 1515, 1. 203v–226v; Thorndike/Kibre 820, 1304.
  • B8.6 (`commentarii'): C. Iulius Caesar [100–44 BC]
    Bellum ciuile, Bellum Alexandrinum, Bellum Africanum, Bellum Hispaniense ed. A. Klotz, Teubner (19572). [Transmitted with Bellum Gallicum.]

8 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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