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B83. Indenture, 1391

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  • B83.*2 (`concordancias pulcras in magno uolumine') = H2.*642: Concordantia maior, the so-called `third concordance' compiled by the Dominicans of Saint-Jacques, Paris pr. Strassburg, [not after 1474] (GW 7418) (under the name Conradus de Alemannia), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1999, 3605–6; R. H. Rouse & M. A. Rouse in AFP 44 (1974) 5–30; Kaeppeli 755 (as Conradus de Halberstadt OP). Rouse & Rouse show that the work circulated in Paris by 1286; the attribution to Conrad is made only in the printed editions. [For the so-called `second concordance' or `English concordance', see Richard Stainsby.]
  • B83.*2x = H2.*642x: Ps. Antony of Padua
    Concordantiae morales Bibliorum pr. Rome 1624, &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1382.
  • B83.3a: Petrus Comestor [†1187]
    Historia scholastica pr. [Augsburg] 1473 (Goff P458), &c.; PL 198. 1053–1722; ed. H. A. Vollmer (Berlin 1925–7); Genesis only, ed. A. Sylwan, CCCM 191 (2005).
  • B83.†3b (`biblia pauperum'): Nicholaus de Hanapis OP [c1225–1291], patriarch of Jerusalem
    Liber de exemplis sacrae scripturae pr. as a work of Bonaventure, [Venice c. 1480] (Goff B850), &c.; S. Bonaventurae opera (Paris 1588–96), 7. 469–563; Distelbrink 64; Kaeppeli 3094; Stegmüller Bibl. 5815; Bloomfield 1006. [Discussion of the early editions and their various texts by V. Scholderer in Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1936, 61–2.]
  • B83.4a: Jerome [c347–420]
    De uiris illustribus CPL 616; ed. A. Ceresa-Gastaldo (Florence 1988); Lambert 260.
  • B83.4b: Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 2. 228–36; bibliography in J. Gruber, `Boethius 1925–1998', Lustrum 39 (1997) 307–383 and 40 (1998) 199–259.
    Philosophiae consolatio CPL 878; ed. L. Bieler, CCSL 94 (19842); ed. C. Moreschini, Teubner (2000).
  • B83.5: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De ciuitate Dei CPL 313; pr. [Subiaco 1467] (GW 2874), &c.; ed. B. Dombart & A. Kalb, CCSL 47–8 (1955).
  • B83.*6 = H2.*621: Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    Commentary on the Lombard's Sentences SBonO vols. 1–4; Distelbrink 2; Glorieux Rép. 305b; Stegmüller Sent. 111.
  • B83.*6x = H2.*621x: Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    Breuiloquium pauperis seu Compendium sacrae Scripturae SBonO 5. 201–291; Distelbrink 1; Glorieux Rép. 305k.
  • B83.9a: Jerome [c347–420]
    Commentary on Ecclesiastes CPL 583; Lambert 205.

10 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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