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F2. Lincolnshire list, 1528

11 identified entries found.
  • F2.1: Ps. Turpinus
    Historia Caroli magni et Rolandi ed. H. W. Klein (Munich 1986).
  • F2.*2a = H2.*662a: Martin of Troppau OP [†1278]
    Chronica pontificum et imperatorum ed. L. Weiland, MGH Scriptores 22 (1872), 377–482; Kaeppeli 2974; A. D. von den Brincken in Deutsches Archiv 41 (1985) 460–531. [On the work's reception in England see W. V. Ikas in EHR 116 (2001) 327-41 and at greater length, Fortsetzungen zur Papst- und Kaiserchronik Martins von Troppau aus England, MGH (Hannover 2004).]
  • F2.*2b (`de gestis troianorum. historia grecorum') = H2.*662x: `Dares Phrygius'
    De excidio Troiae historia ed. F. Meister, Teubner (1873).
  • F2.*2d = H2.*662x: Geoffrey of Monmouth [†1154]
    Historia regum Britanniae ed. M. D. Reeve & N. Wright (Woodbridge 2007). [See also J. C. Crick, The Historia regum Britannie of Geoffrey of Monmouth 3 A Summary Catalogue of the Manuscripts (Cambridge 1989).]
  • F2.*2e = H2.*662x: Albertus Magnus OP [1193–1280]
    DSB 1. 100–103.
    Mineralia ed. A. Borgnet, Alberti Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 5. 1–103; Fauser 17; Glorieux Rép. 6ag.
  • F2.*2x = H2.*662x: Epistola Alexandri ad Aristotelem de situ Indie ed. W. W. Boer (The Hague 1953); ed. M. Feldbusch, Beiträge zur classischen Philologie 78 (Meisenheim 1976). [See also Aristotle ps., Epistola ad Alexandrum.]
  • F2.3 (`Lugdunensis de uirtutibus et uiciis'): Willelmus Peraldus OP [†1261]
    Summa de uitiis et uirtutibus pr. [Basel, not after 1474] (Goff P89), &c.; Kaeppeli 1622; Bloomfield 1628, 5601. [See also William of Auvergne, also called Parisiensis, from whose work of the same title this is often indistinguishable.]
  • F2.4: Peter of Tarentaise OP (later Innocent V) [c1224–1276, sedit 1276]
    Commentary on the Pauline Epistles unpr.; Stegmüller Bibl. 6868–81 (first recension); Glorieux Rép. 17d. Or the second recension (ps. Nicholaus de Gorran): pr. Cologne 1478 (Goff N103) (as Gorran); Stegmüller Bibl. 5800, 6882–95. [This work is not really treated by Kaeppeli 3339.]
  • F2.5 (IV): Peter of Tarentaise OP (later Innocent V) [c1224–1276, sedit 1276]
    Commentary on the Lombard's Sentences pr. Toulouse 1649–52; Stegmüller Sent. 690; Kaeppeli 3340.
  • F2.6 (`Gorham super Lucam'): Nicholas de Gorran OP [† c1295]
    Commentary on Luke pr. Cologne 1537; Stegmüller Bibl. 5780.

11 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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