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NEW FRIARS: Lincoln-Dominican

F22. Lincolnshire list, 1528

24 identified entries found.
  • F22.1: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on the Psalter unpr.; Stegmüller Bibl. 6038; Kaeppeli 3135.
  • F22.2: Nicholas de Gorran OP [† c1295]
    Commentary on Luke pr. Cologne 1537; Stegmüller Bibl. 5780.
  • F22.3: Robert Kilwardby OP [†1279]
    [dub.] Commentary on Romans and Corinthians not identified.
  • F22.4 (`lectura Waleys super duos nocturnos psalterii'): Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    Expositio super duos nocturnos Psalterii (Pss. 1–38) pr. London 1481 (STC 19627), &c.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 686; Kaeppeli 3890; Stegmüller Bibl. 8245. [Early edition someties confused with Diego Perez de Valencia.]
  • F22.5 (attrib. Thomas Waleys, inc.): Thomas Hopeman OP [14th cent.]
    Commentary on Hebrews unpr.; S. L. Forte in AFP 25 (1955) 310–44; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 660; Kaeppeli 3810.
  • F22.6: Robert Grosseteste, known as Lincolniensis [†1253], bishop of Lincoln
    Commentary on Aristotle's Analytica posteriora ed. P. Rossi (Florence 1981); Thomson, Grosseteste, 84–5.
  • F22.7: William Woodford OFM [† post 1400]
    De causis condemnationis XVIII articulorum damnatorum Iohannis Wyclif ed. G. Ortwin, Fasciculus rerum expetendarum ac fugiendarum (Cologne 1535), repr. E. Brown, Fasciculus rerum expetendarum (London 1690), 1. 191–265; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 819–20.
  • F22.8: John Wyclif [†1384]
    De paupertate Christi ed. J. Loserth, Opera minora, Wyclif Soc. (1913), 19–73; Thomson, Wyclyf, 257–8 (D4).
  • F22.9a: Alfred of Shareshill [fl. 1200]
    De motu cordis ed. C. Baeumker, BGPM 23/1–2 (1932); Thorndike/Kibre 96, 1020.
  • F22.9b (`Aldruidus de quintis essentiis'): Alkindus (al-Kindi) [† after 870]
    De quintis essentiis, tr. Gerard of Cremona ed. A. Nagy, BGPM 2/5 (1897), 28–40; Carmody, 83; Thorndike/Kibre 1376.
  • F22.9c: Robert Grosseteste, known as Lincolniensis [†1253], bishop of Lincoln
    De cometis et causis ipsarum ed. C. Panti, Moti, virtù e motori celesti nella cosmologia di Roberto Grosseteste (Florence 2001), 321–8; Thomson, Grosseteste, 94.
  • F22.9d: Alfred of Shareshill [fl. 1200]
    Commentary on Nicholas of Damascus's De uegetabilibus et plantis ed. R. J. Long, Mediaeval Studies 47 (1985) 125–67; Lohr, 356.
  • F22.9e: Alexander of Aphrodisias [early 3rd cent.]
    De tempore, tr. Gerard of Cremona ed. G. Théry, Autour du decret de 1210 2 Alexandre d'Aphrodise, Bibliothèque Thomiste 7 (1926), 92–7; Thorndike/Kibre 1490.
  • F22.†9f (`Athelardi problemata'): Adelard of Bath [early 12th cent.]
    M. Clagett in DSB 1. 61–4. C. S. F. Burnett, `The writings of Adelard of Bath and closely associated works', in Adelard of Burnett, an English scientist and Arabist of the early twelfth century (London 1987), 163–97.
    Quaestiones naturales ed. M. Müller, BGPM 31/2 (1934) 1–91; ed. C. S. F. Burnett (Cambridge 1998).
  • F22.10a: Guitmund of Aversa [† after 1090]
    De corpore et sanguine Christi PL 149. 1427–1494.
  • F22.10b: Lanfranc OSB [c1005–1089]
    De corpore et sanguine Domini PL 150. 407–442; R. B. C. Huygens in Sacris erudiri 16 (1965) 355–403.
  • F22.10c (attrib. Hrabanus): Paschasius Radbertus [c785–c860]
    De corpore et sanguine Domini PL 120. 1263–1366; ed. B. Paulus, CCCM 16 (1969) 1–131.
  • F22.11: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Boethius's Philosophiae consolatio unpr.; dedication, ed. R. J. Dean, Studies in Philology 63 (1966) 600–603; extracts in Chaucer's Boece and the Medieval Tradition of Boethius, ed. A. J. Minnis (Cambridge 1993), 35–91; Kaeppeli 3134.
  • F22.12: Gerald of Wales [1146–1226]
    De principis instructione ed. G. F. Warner, RS 21/8 (1891).
  • F22.13 (`antidotarium Ioannis Damasceni'): Iohannes Mesue (Masawaih al-Mardini) [†1015]
    De consolatione medicinarum simplicium, also titled De simplicibus medicinis pr. in his Opera medicinalia, [Venice 1471] (Goff M508), fols. 1r–55v, &c.; Thorndike/Kibre 415, 1493.
  • F22.14: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Seneca's Tragedies ed. E. Franceschini (Thyestes) (Milan 1938), V. Ussani (Hercules Furens) (Rome 1959), P. Meloni (Agamemnon) (Rome 1961), P. Meloni (Hercules Oetaeus) (Rome 1962), M. Palma (Troades) (Rome 1977); Kaeppeli 3146a.
  • F22.15: Joachim of Fiore [c1132–1202]
    Commentary on Revelation pr. Venice 1527 / repr. Frankfurt 1964; Russo, 13–15; Stegmüller Bibl. 4016.
  • F22.16: Sex. Iulius Frontinus [c30–104 AD]
    Stratagemata ed. G. Gundermann, Teubner (1888).
  • F22.17 (`epistolae C.'): Cassiodorus Senator [c485–580]
    Variae CPL 896; ed. $caring$$. J. Fridh, CCSL 96 (1973) 3–499.

24 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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