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NEW FRIARS: Boston-Dominican

F4. Lincolnshire list, 1528

4 identified entries found.
  • F4.1 (2 vols): Richard Fishacre OP [†1248]
    Commentary on the Lombard's Sentences unpr. apart from prol. ed. R. J. Long in Med. Stud. 34 (1972) 71–98; Sharpe Latin Writers, 477; Stegmüller Sent. 718; Kaeppeli 3466.
  • F4.2: Bartholomew the Englishman [†1250]
    De proprietatibus rerum pr. Frankfurt 1601; H. Meyer, Die Enzyklopädie des Bartholomäus Anglicus. Untersuchungen zur Überlieferungs- und Rezeptionsgeschichte von De proprietatibus rerum (Munich 2000); Sharpe, Latin Writers, 69. A collaborative edition is in progress in the series De diuersis artibus (Turnhout 2007–).
  • F4.†3 (`biblia in lingua uernacula'): Biblia sacra, English tr. in the revised Wyclifite version ed. J. Forshall & F. Madden (Oxford 1850); manuscripts listed by M. Dove, The First English Bible (Cambridge 2007), 281–306.
  • F4.4 (inc., `Mulier si primatum habeat'): Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    (attrib.) Expositio epistolae Valerii ad Rufinum unpr.; Kaeppeli 3144. R. J. Dean, `Some unnoticed commentaries on the Dissuasio Valerii of Walter Map', MARS 2 (1950) 128–50, discusses the various commentaries that have been attributed to Trevet.

4 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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