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K443. Catalogus, c. 1360

5 identified entries found.
  • K443.1 (`Petrus Damianus de officiis ecclesiis. Ea quae'): Rupert of Deutz OSB [c1075–1129/30], abbot of Deutz
    De diuinis officiis ed. R. Haacke, CCCM 7 (1967). [The entries that name Peter as author are indexed here by inference from two points of evidence, the incipit `Ea quae' (K443.1) and the title given at Reading (B71.31b); Rupert's prologue begins, `Ea que per anni circulum ordine constituto'. The notes included in the editions referred these entries to ps. Alcuin, following the discussion at R74.1. I have found no evidence explicitly to clarify the association of either work, or any other possible candidate, with Peter Damian.]
  • K443.2 (3 copies): Peter Damian OSB [1007–1072]
    Liber Dominus uobiscum PL 145. 231–52.
  • K443.◊3: Peter Damian OSB [1007–1072]
    Sermones ed. G. Lucchesi, CCCM 57 (1983).
  • K443.◊5 (`epistolarum liber 1'): Peter Damian OSB [1007–1072]
    Epistolae ed. K. Reindel, Die Briefe des Petrus Damiani, 4 vols, MGH Die Briefe der deutschen Kaiserzeit 4 (1983–93). Peter's treatises are mostly addressed as letters; what appears as opuscula in PL 145 appears as letters here. Kirkestede's source is unknown.
  • K443.◊6: Peter Damian OSB [1007–1072]
    Vita S. Odilonis PL 144. 925–44; BHL 6282.

5 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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