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K502. Catalogus, c. 1360

1 identified entry found.
  • K502.1: Richard of Cirencester [?]
    Liber de officio ecclesiastico, inc. `Officium ut' not known to survive, but cited by William Woodford, in his Contra Trialogum Wyclif, `per Richardum de Cirencestria de officiis' (ed. Brown, 1. 193), and elsewhere as `Ricardus de Cirencestria de officio ecclesie' (Postilla on Matthew, fol. 104rb), or `de officio misse' (ib. fol. 132vb), &c. (J. I. Catto, William Woodford, OFM (c.1330–c.1397), DPhil diss. (Oxford 1969), 324–5). He is also cited in Woodford's Quaestiones LXXII de sacramento altaris, Bodl. MS Bodley 703, fol. 160va, `per Ricardum de Cyrencestria qui egregie scripsit libros de diuinis officiis'; he refers to chapters in the second, third, and last books of the work. Kirkstead (K502) has `Richardus de Cyrencestria de officio ecclesiastico', said to be in seven books.

1 identified entry found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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