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K586. Catalogus, c. 1360

6 identified entries found.
  • K586.1: Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    Expositio super duos nocturnos Psalterii (Pss. 1–38) pr. London 1481 (STC 19627), &c.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 686; Kaeppeli 3890; Stegmüller Bibl. 8245. [Early edition someties confused with Diego Perez de Valencia.]
  • K586.2–3: Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    Contra Ioannem XXII papam the book belonging to Simon Bozoun OSB († after 1352) at Norwich (B58. 23), was presumably the same volume as Bale saw in the hands of Robert Talbot of Norwich, `Contra Ioannem 22. papam' (Index, 458). The manuscript may well be CUL MS Ii. 3. 10 (s. xiv, Norwich cathedral priory), which includes De temporibus et momentis, Sermo de uisione beatifica, Litterae ad amicum, and the record of his two hearings, all from Avignon in 1333–4.
  • K586.3 (`de temporibus et instantibus'): Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    De temporibus et momentis ed. T. Kaeppeli, Le Procès contre Thomas Waleys OP (Rome 1936), 157–83; Kaeppeli 3894.
  • K586.4: Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    [pseud.] Sermones not identified.
  • K586.5 (attrib. Waleys): Pierre Bersuire [c1290–1362]
    C. Samaran in HLF 39 (1962) 259–450.
    Ouidius moralizatus, the fifteenth book of his Reductorium morale, which circulated widely on its own pr. Paris 1509 (as the work of Thomas Waleys), &c.; part 2, ed. M. S. Van der Bijl, Vivarium 9 (1971) 25–48. [The work is usually attributed to Nicholas Trevet, Thomas Waleys or John Ridewall in English copies.]

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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