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K89. Catalogus, c. 1360

6 identified entries found.
  • K89.1: Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    Itinerarium mentis in Deum SBonO 5. 295–313; ed. A. Sépinski (Quaracchi 1964); Distelbrink 19; Glorieux Rép. 305m.
  • K89.2: Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    Commentary on the Lombard's Sentences SBonO vols. 1–4; Distelbrink 2; Glorieux Rép. 305b; Stegmüller Sent. 111.
  • K89.3 (`breuiloquium de ueritate theologie et de sacramentis libri 7 et uocatur a quibusdam Breuiloquium pauperis', inc.): Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    Breuiloquium pauperis seu Compendium sacrae Scripturae SBonO 5. 201–291; Distelbrink 1; Glorieux Rép. 305k.
  • K89.4 (attrib. Bonaventure): William de la Furmentarie OFM [?]
    (attrib.), Pharetra pr. [Strassburg 1472] (Goff P571), &c.; ed. A. C. Peltier, S. Bonaventurae opera omnia (Paris 1864–71), 7. 1–231; Glorieux Rép. 311t; Distelbrink 178; Bloomfield 2530. [One copy of the work is dated 1261, which provides a terminus ad quem; it is usually anonymous, but some copies carry an ascription to Bonaventure, other to Guibert of Tournai, and one very distinctively to William de la Furmentarie, an English friar.]
  • K89.5 (`meditationes et contemplationes', inc.): Bonaventure OFM [1221–1274]
    De triplici uia SBonO 8. 3–27; Distelbrink 18.
  • K89.6: Iohannes de Caulibus OFM [14th cent.]
    DBI 55. 768–74.
    (attrib.; ps. Bonaventure), Meditationes uitae Christi pr. Augsburg 1468 (GW 4739), &c.; ed. A. C. Peltier, Sancti Bonaventurae opera omnia (Paris 1864–71), 12. 509–630; ed. M. Stallings-Taney, CCCM 153 (1997); Distelbrink 166. [The ps. Bonaventure Meditationes passionis Christi are derived from this work. Stallings's text relies on 14th-cent. manuscripts; Peltier reprinted a Vatican edition of 1596 that lay at the end of a long line of revisions; C. M. Stallings-Taney in Franciscan Studies 55 (1998) 253–80.]

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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