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SCOTLAND: Loch Leven priory

S19. Books transferred from Loch Leven to St Andrews priory, c. 1152-3

8 identified entries found.
  • S19.†1 (`cum pastorali', anon.): Ambrose [c339–397], archbishop of Milan
    [pseud.] Libellus de dignitate sacerdotali CPL 171a.
  • S19.4 (`cum . . Origene'): Origen [c185–c254]
    Super uetus testamentum usually refers to translations by Rufinus or Jerome of the homilies on the Hexateuch, but the contents vary greatly.
  • S19.5: Bernard of Clairvaux OCist [1090–1153], abbot of Clairvaux
    Sententiae SBO 6/2. 7–255.
  • S19.†6 (`cum . . tribus quaternionibus de sacramentis'): Ivo of Chartres [c1040–1116]
    De ecclesiasticis sacramentis (serm. 1–5) PL 162. 505–62. [In some copies serm. 4 de dedicatione ecclesiae precedes serm. 1, and in such texts this title may be found to designate the whole group.]
  • S19.11 (`cum . . Prospero'): Iulianus Pomerius [early 6th cent.]
    De uita contemplatiua CPL 998.
  • S19.†14 (`interpretationibus dictionum'): Jerome [c347–420]
    Liber quaestionum hebraicarum in Genesim CPL 580; ed. P. de Lagarde, CCSL 72 (1959) 1–56; Lambert 200.
  • S19.17 (`cum . . exceptionibus ecclesiasticarum regularum'): Ivo of Chartres [c1040–1116]
    Exceptiones ecclesiasticarum regularum, serving as a prologue to his Panormia (PL 161. 1041–?) and to his Decretum (PL 161. 47–60), may conceal copies of either work.

8 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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