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SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Secular Colleges: Ottery St Mary

SC281. List of books taken to London, before November 1448

6 identified entries found.
  • SC281.2 (`historia Britanie', inc.): Henry of Huntingdon [1084–1155]
    Historia Anglorum ed. D. E. Greenway, OMT (1996).
  • SC281.3 (inc.): Nigel Witeker OSB [† after 1206]
    Speculum stultorum ed. T. Wright, Anglo-Latin Satirical Poets, RS 59/1 (1872), 3–10 (prose preface), 11–145 (verse); ed. J. H. Mozley & R. Raymo (Berkeley, CA, 1960) (verse only); WIC 18944; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 401.
  • SC281.4: Bartholomew of Exeter [†1184], bishop of Exeter
    Poenitentiale ed. A. Morey, Bartholomew of Exeter (Cambridge 1937), 175–313; Bloomfield 1159.
  • SC281.9: Peter of Blois [†1211], archdeacon of Bath
    Epistolae PL 207. 1–560; L. Wahlgren, The Letter Collection of Peter of Blois. Studies in the Manuscript Tradition, Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia 58 (1993).
  • SC281.10: Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    [pseud.] Quaestiones on Aristotle's Meteora DSO 4. 1–263; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 263.
  • SC281.11 (`quaternus dictaminis', inc.): Guido Faba [early 13th cent.]
    E. H. Kantorowicz, `An ``autobiography'' of Guido Faba', MARS 1 (1941–3) 253–80.
    Summa de modo dictaminis, inc. `Quasimodo geniti' ed. A. Gaudenzi in Il Propugnatore new ser. 3/1 (1890) 287–338, ib. 3/2 (1893) 345–93; N. Denholm-Young, Collected Papers (Cardiff 1969), 65, lists copies from England.

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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