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SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Secular Colleges: Salisbury

SC290. Bequest by Robert Ragenhill, 17 July 1407

9 identified entries found.
  • SC290.1: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    [pseud.] Opus imperfectum in Matthaeum CPL 707; J. van Banning, CCSL 87B (1988); Stegmüller Bibl. 4350. [The tradition is largely English, and this work is much commoner in England than the authentic Homilies on Matthew.]
  • SC290.3: Robert Holcot OP [†1349]
    Sermones dominicales unpr.; Schneyer Rep. 5. 192–5; Kaeppeli 3502; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 557.
  • SC290.4: Willelmus Peraldus OP [†1261]
    Sermones de dominicis et festis pr. Augsburg 1473, &c.; pr. in Guillelmi Alverni opera omnia (Paris/Orleans 1674), 2. 159–476; Kaeppeli 1623. In the early editions the sermons are sometimes divided into three series.
  • SC290.5 (`de sermonibus Ianuensis dominicalibus et quorundam sanctorum'): Iacobus de Voragine (Iacopo da Varazze) OP [†1298]
    Sermones de omnibus sanctis pr. [Cologne c. 1478] (Goff J187), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 3. 246–66; Kaeppeli 2155.
  • SC290.7a: Bernard of Clairvaux OCist [1090–1153], abbot of Clairvaux
    [pseud.] Meditationes piissimae de cognitione humanae conditionis PL 184. 485–508; Bloomfield 3126.
  • SC290.7b: James of Milan OFM [? late 13th cent.]
    Stimulus amoris pr. Quaracchi 19492; F. Eisermann, Stimulus Amoris. Inhalt, lateinische Überlieferung, deutsche Übersetzungen, Rezeption (Tübingen 2001); Distelbrink 217.
  • SC290.7c (`exposicio uocabulorum biblie', anon.): William Brito [late 13th cent.]
    Expositiones uocabulorum Bibliae ed. L. W. & B. A. Daly (Padua 1975); Stegmüller Bibl. 2820.
  • SC290.†7d (`Parisiens' de vij uiciis et peccatis lingue'): Willelmus Peraldus OP [†1261]
    Summa de uitiis et uirtutibus pr. [Basel, not after 1474] (Goff P89), &c.; Kaeppeli 1622; Bloomfield 1628, 5601. [See also William of Auvergne, also called Parisiensis, from whose work of the same title this is often indistinguishable.]

9 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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