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SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Secular Colleges: Warwick

SC318. Transfer of books, 25 Sept. 1445 × 22 Feb. 1465

5 identified entries found.
  • SC318.1 = SC319.28: Antonius Rampigollis OESA [early 15th cent.]
    Figurae bibliorum siue Compendium morale pr. Milan 1494 (Goff R23), &c.; Bloomfield 1312.
  • SC318.2 (`pars dextra et pars sinistra et ignorantia sacerdotum') = SC319.29: Willelmus de Pagula [early 14th cent.]
    Oculus sacerdotis unpr.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 799; Bloomfield 1088, 2499, 3129, 3686.
  • SC318.3 = SC319.30: Petrus Riga [†1209]
    Aurora ed. P. E. Beichner (Notre Dame, IN, 1965); Stegmüller Bibl. 6823–5.
  • SC318.†5 = SC319.32: William de la Furmentarie OFM [?]
    (attrib.), Pharetra pr. [Strassburg 1472] (Goff P571), &c.; ed. A. C. Peltier, S. Bonaventurae opera omnia (Paris 1864–71), 7. 1–231; Glorieux Rép. 311t; Distelbrink 178; Bloomfield 2530. [One copy of the work is dated 1261, which provides a terminus ad quem; it is usually anonymous, but some copies carry an ascription to Bonaventure, other to Guibert of Tournai, and one very distinctively to William de la Furmentarie, an English friar.]
  • SC318.†6 (`expositio misse') = SC319.33: Hildebert of Lavardin [1056–1133], archbishop of Tours
    De mysterio missae PL 171. 1177–96; WIC 17396. And (in many cases also) id. De sacra eucharistia: PL 171. 1195–1212; WIC 17700.

5 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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