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SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions: Southwold, townsmen

SH104. Bequest by Robert Scolys, 6 June 1470

4 identified entries found.
  • SH104.1 (`legenda aurea'): Iacobus de Voragine (Iacopo da Varazze) OP [†1298]
    Legenda aurea ed. T. Graesse (Breslau 18903/ repr. Osnabrück 1965); ed. G. P. Maggioni, Millennio medievale 6 (Florence 1998, 21999); Kaeppeli 2154. [B. Fleith, Studien zur Überlieferungsgeschichte der lateinischen Legenda aurea, Subsidia hagiographica 72 (1991), records more than one thousand copies in manuscript; ISTC records some 150 printed editions before 1501.]
  • SH104.2 (`magistrum †vententiarum'): Peter Lombard [c1100–1160]
    Sententiarum libri IV pr. [Strassburg, before 1471] (Goff P479), &c.; PL 192. 521–962; ed. I. Brady, Spicilegium Bonauenturianum 4–5 (Grottaferrata 1971–81).
  • SH104.4: William de Lanicea OFM [late 12th cent.]
    Dieta salutis pr. Cologne 1474 (GW 4720), &c.; ed. A. C. Peltier, S. Bonaventurae opera omnia (Paris 1864–71), 8. 247–347; Distelbrink 124; Bloomfield 2301. [The accompanying Themata, ib. 8. 347–58; Bloomfield 0077.]
  • SH104.5: Iohannes de Burgo [† after 1398]
    Pupilla oculi pr. London 1510 (STC 4115), &c.; Bloomfield 2441; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 222.

4 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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