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Medieval catalogues > SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions > Ewelme, Domus Dei > Inventory of goods, 10 September 1466

SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions: Ewelme, Domus Dei

SH14. Inventory of goods, 10 September 1466

6 identified entries found.
  • SH14.12 (`a frensh boke of quater fit Emundes'): Renaut de Montauban pr. Paris 1480 &c.; Woledge 139, 141; BM Cat. Rom. 1. 619–22.
  • SH14.13 (`a frensh boke of temps pastour'): Guillaume de Machaut []
    Le Jugement dou Roy de Behaingne, inc. `Au temps pascour' ed. R. B. Palmer (New York, NY, 1984); ed. J. I. Wimsatt & W. W. Kibler (Athens, GA, 1988).
  • SH14.14: Christine de Pisan [1365–1429/30]
    Le livre de la cite des dames ed. P. Caraffi & E. J. Richards (Milan 1998).
  • SH14.15: Vincent of Beauvais OP [1189/94–c1264]
    De morali principis institutione pr. Rostock 1477; ed. R. J. Schneider, CCCM 137 (1995); Kaeppeli 4005.
  • SH14.16 (`a frensh boke of the takes of philisphers'): Dicta philosophorum various collections,
    French tr. by Guillaume de Tignonville as Dits moraux des philosophes pr. Bruges [1477] (GW 8319), &c.; ed. R. Eder in Romanische Forschungen 33 (1915) 851–1019; Chavy, 448.
  • SH14.17: Guillaume Deguileville [c1295–after 1358]
    Le Pelerinage de la vie humaine, English tr. by John Lydgate as The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man ed. F. J. Furnivall & K. B. Locock, EETS ES 77, 83, 92 (1899–1904).

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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