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SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions: London, Guildhall

SH46. Bequest by Andrew Horn, 9 October 1328

12 identified entries found.
  • SH46.*2a (`de ueteribus legibus Anglie'): Quadripartitus ed. F. Liebermann, Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen (Halle 1898–1916), 1. 279–371 (1–2 Cn; other texts in chronological order); C. P. Wormald & R. Sharpe in Law and Government in Medieval England and Normandy, edited by G. S. Garnett & J. G. H. Hudson (Cambridge 1994), 111–72.
  • SH46.*2b (`Bretoun'): Britton pr. London [?1533] (STC 3803), &c.; ed. F. M. Nichols (Oxford 1865).
  • SH46.*2c (`speculum iustic''): Le Mireur a justices ed. W. J. Whittaker, Selden Soc. 7 (1895).
  • SH46.3 (`librum compositum per Henricum de Huntyngdon'): Henry of Huntingdon [1084–1155]
    Historia Anglorum ed. D. E. Greenway, OMT (1996).
  • SH46.*4 (`de statutis Anglie'): Statuta Angliae manuscript collections vary, but most begin with Magna carta; for example, CUL MS Dd. 10. 28 (s. xiv), Baker, English Legal Manuscripts, xxii–xxiv. In print, Magna carta cum statutis, pr. by R. Pynson, London 1508 &c. (STC 9266–73). [See also under Magna carta, Statuta noua.]
  • SH46.*4x: Exceptiones contra breuia ed. G. E. Woodbine, Four Thirteenth-Century Law Tracts (London 1910), 163–83.

12 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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