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UC28. Leland, c. 1535

7 identified entries found.
  • UC28.1: Synesius [c370–413]
    De laude caluitii, Latin tr. by John Free CPG 5634; pr. with Erasmus's Moriae encomium, Paris 1512, &c.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 251–2. Free's preface has been edited by R. Weiss in Bodleian Quarterly Record 8 (1935–8) 101–103.
  • UC28.1b: Omnibonus Leonicenus (Ognibene Bonisoli da Lonigo) [c1412–1474]
    DBI 12. 234–6. Also called Omnibonus Vincentinus.
    Letter to John Free (9 July 1461), prefixed to Free's translation of Synesius, De laude caluitii ed. R. Sabbadini, `Nuove notizie e nuovi documenti di Ognibene de' Bonisoli Leoniceno', Antologia Veneta 1 (1900); R. J. Mitchell, John Free (London 1955), 110.
  • UC28.2 (`. . heroico carmine scripta'): John Free [c1430–1465]
    Expostulatio in Ioannem Wigorniae comitem quod haedum permitteret uitem arrodere, in hexameters not known to survive.
  • UC28.3: John Free [c1430–1465]
    Epitaph for Francesco Petrarca not known to survive.
  • UC28.4: Petrus Paulus Vergerius [1370–1444]
    De ingenuis moribus pr. [Venice c. 1471] (Goff V128), &c.
  • UC28.5 (`de laudibus heremi'): Francesco Petrarca [1304–1374]
    De uita solitaria pr. [Strassburg, not after 1473] (Goff P417), &c.; ed. G. Martellotti & others, Petrarca. Prose (Milan 1955), 286–591.
  • UC28.6: Franciscus Barbarus (Francesco Barbaro) [1390–1454]
    DBI 6. 101–103.
    De re uxoria (1416) pr. Hagenau 1533 (Adams B172), &c.

7 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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