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UC40. References to books in the accounts, 1393–1512

14 identified entries found.
  • UC40.†3 (unspec.): Bartholomew of Brescia [†1258]
    Casus Decretorum, a reworking of Benencasa pr. Basel 1489 (GW 3426), Paris 1505, &c.; Schulte, 2. 84–5.
  • UC40.5: Henricus de Segusio, known as Hostiensis [c1200–1271]
    Summa super titulis Decretalium pr. Rome 1473 (GW 12231), &c.; Schulte, 2. 125–7. [F. Soetermeer, `Summa archiepiscopi alias Summa Copiosa: some remarks on the medieval editions of the Summa Hostiensis', Ius commune 26 (1999) 1–25.]
  • UC40.8: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    Enarrationes in Psalmos CPL 283; ed. E. Dekkers & J. Fraipont, CCSL 38–40 (1956); ed. F. Gori, CSEL 93–95 (in progress), of which Pss 119–50 have appeared, CSEL 95/3–5 (2001–5). [This title, now standard, originated with Erasmus.]
  • UC40.10 (`de ciuitate dei'): Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De ciuitate Dei CPL 313; pr. [Subiaco 1467] (GW 2874), &c.; ed. B. Dombart & A. Kalb, CCSL 47–8 (1955).
  • UC40.15: Anselm of Canterbury OSB [c1033–1109], archbishop of Canterbury
    [dub.] `De trinitate' unidentified.
  • UC40.18 (`Valerius de poetria'): Valerius Maximus [fl. AD 30]
    Memorabilia ed. C. Kempf, Teubner (1888).
  • UC40.23: Bestiarium on the genre and English manuscripts see F. Unterkircher, Bestiarium: Die Texte der HS Ashmole 1511 (Graz 1986); W. B. Clark & M. T. McMunn, Beasts and Birds of the Middle Ages (Philadelphia, PA, 1989).
  • UC40.27: Gregory the Great [c540–604, sedit 590–604]
    Moralia in Iob CPL 1708; ed. M. Adriaen, CCSL 143, 143A, 143B (1979–85).
  • UC40.28: Nicholas of Lyre OFM [†1349]
    H. Labrosse, `Oeuvres de Nicolas de Lyre', Études franciscaines 19 (1908) 153–75, 368–79, and 35 (1923) 171–87, 400–432; G. Dahan (ed.), Nicolas de Lyre, franciscain du XIVe siècle, exégète et théologien (Turnhout 2011).
    Postilla litteralis in uetus et nouum testamentum pr. Rome 1471–2 (Goff N131), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 5829–5923.
  • UC40.31: Henry Bohic [† after 1350]
    Distinctiones in libros V Decretalium pr. Lyon 1498 (GW 4964), &c.; Schulte, 2. 266–70.
  • UC40.34: William Lyndwood [†1446]
    Prouinciale pr. [Oxford 1483] (STC 17102), &c.; pr. Oxford 1679; C. R. Cheney, Medieval Texts and Studies (Oxford 1973), 158–84.
  • UC40.35: Giovanni Boccaccio [1313–1375]
    Genealogia deorum gentilium pr. Venice 1472 (Goff B749), &c.; ed. V. Romano (Bari 1951); ed. V. Zaccaria in Tutte le opere di Giovanni Boccaccio, ed. V. Branca (Milan 1964–98), 7–8. 7–1583.
  • UC40.†36 (anon.): Guido delle Colonne OFM [†1408]
    Historia destructionis Troiae ed. N. E. Griffin (Cambridge, MA, 1936).
  • UC40.†40: Concordantia maior, the so-called `third concordance' compiled by the Dominicans of Saint-Jacques, Paris pr. Strassburg, [not after 1474] (GW 7418) (under the name Conradus de Alemannia), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1999, 3605–6; R. H. Rouse & M. A. Rouse in AFP 44 (1974) 5–30; Kaeppeli 755 (as Conradus de Halberstadt OP). Rouse & Rouse show that the work circulated in Paris by 1286; the attribution to Conrad is made only in the printed editions. [For the so-called `second concordance' or `English concordance', see Richard Stainsby.]

14 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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