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UC45. Inventory for the Marian commissioners, 1557

78 identified entries found.
  • UC45.¶*1 (3 vols): Concilia generalia et prouincialia pr. Paris 1524, &c.
  • UC45.2: Hilary of Poitiers [c310–367], bishop of Poitiers
    De trinitate CPL 433; ed. P. Smulders, CCSL 62–62A (1979); ed. M. Figura & others, SChr 443 (1999–2001).
  • UC45.¶3: Cyril of Alexandria [†444], patriarch of Alexandria
    Opera, Latin tr. pr. Basel: Andreas Cratander, 1528.
  • UC45.¶4 = UC47.¶*134–5: Rainerius Iordanis de Pisis OP [† c1348]
    Pantheologia pr. Nürnberg 1473 (Goff R5), &c.; Kaeppeli 3429; Stegmüller Bibl. 7169.
  • UC45.5: Eusebius of Caesarea [c260–339], bishop of Caesarea
    Historia ecclesiastica, tr. Rufinus CPG 3495; PL 21. 465–540; ed. T. Mommsen, GCS 9 (1903–9). [Almost invariably anonymous in catalogues.]
  • UC45.¶6 (`Basilius magnus'): Basil of Caesarea [c330–379], bishop of Caesarea
    Opera, Latin tr. by Raphael Volaterranus, pr. Rome 1515 (Adams B332), &c.; by various hands, Paris 1520, Cologne 1523, &c.; tr. Janus Cornarius: pr. Basel 1540 (Adams B336), &c.
  • UC45.¶7 = UC47.¶*216: Concordantia maior, the so-called `third concordance' compiled by the Dominicans of Saint-Jacques, Paris pr. Strassburg, [not after 1474] (GW 7418) (under the name Conradus de Alemannia), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1999, 3605–6; R. H. Rouse & M. A. Rouse in AFP 44 (1974) 5–30; Kaeppeli 755 (as Conradus de Halberstadt OP). Rouse & Rouse show that the work circulated in Paris by 1286; the attribution to Conrad is made only in the printed editions. [For the so-called `second concordance' or `English concordance', see Richard Stainsby.]
  • UC45.¶8 UO23.¶*67,UO68.¶*72: Gabriel Biel [c1415–1495]
    Canonis missae expositio pr. Tübingen 1499 &c.; ed. H. A. Oberman & W. J. Courtenay (Wiesbaden 1963–7).
  • UC45.¶*9 = UC47.¶*185: Leonardus Matthaei de Utino OP [†1469]
    Sermones quadragesimales de legibus dicti pr. Venice 1473 (Goff L143), &c.; Kaeppeli 2873.
  • UC45.¶*10: Henricus de Gorinchem [†1431]
    Conclusiones on the Lombard's Sentences pr. alone, [Reutlingen c. 1480] (Goff H21a), [Cologne c. 1482] (Goff H21), &c.; pr. with the Lombard's text, Basel 1487 (Goff P490), &c.; Stegmüller Sent. 321.
  • UC45.¶*11: Desiderius Erasmus [1466–1536]
    Annotationes in Nouum Testamentum pr. separately, Basel 1519 (Adams E887), &c.
  • UC45.¶12 (part 4): Complutensian Polyglot Bible pr. Alcalá de Henares 1517 (Adams B968).
  • UC45.¶13: Biblia sacra, Old Testament in Hebrew pr. [Venice 1517] (Adams B1216), &c.
  • UC45.¶*14: Jerome [c347–420]
    Opera pr. in nine volumes, Basel 1516 (J113), &c.
  • UC45.¶15 = UC47.¶215: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola [1443–1494]
    De rerum praenotione pr. Strassburg 1507 (Adams P1138).
  • UC45.¶*16 = UC47.¶*205–214: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    Opera ed. J. Amerbach (Basel 1505–6), &c.; ed. Erasmus (1518). See J. de Ghellinck, `Une édition patristique célèbre', Patristique et moyen âge: études d'histoire littéraire et doctrinale 3 (Paris 1948), 339–484; V. Scholderer, `The first collected edition of St Augustine', Fifty essays in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century bibliography (Amsterdam 1966), 275–8.
  • UC45.¶17: Ambrose [c339–397], archbishop of Milan
    Opera pr. Basel 1492 (GW 1599), Basel 1506 (Adams A934), &c.
  • UC45.¶18 = UC47.¶128: Petrus de Palude OP [1270–1342]
    [pseud.] Thesaurus nouus de sanctis pr. Strassburg 1484 (Goff P509), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 5. 537–48; Kaeppeli 3301.
  • UC45.¶19 (`E. contra hereses opus'): Epiphanius of Salamis [†403], bishop of Constantia in Cyprus
    DHGE 15. 617–31.
    Panarion siue Aduersus haereses, Latin tr. by Janus Cornarius CPG 3745; pr. with other works, Basel 1543 (Adams E249), Paris 1544 (Adams E251), &c.
  • UC45.¶*20 = UC47.¶*196: Lactantius Firmianus [fl. 305–323]
    Opera pr. Subiaco 1465 (Goff L1), &c.; edited by Iohannes Andreae, Rome 1470 (Goff L3), &c.
  • UC45.¶21 = UC47.¶224: Cyprian of Carthage [†258], bishop of Carthage
    Opera pr. Rome 1471 (GW 7883), &c.
  • UC45.¶*22 (`homilie Friderici Blancicampiani'): Friedrich Nausea [†1552], bishop of Vienna
    Euangelicae ueritatis homiliarum centuriae tres pr. Cologne 1530, &c.
  • UC45.¶23 (`opera Io. Scoti'): Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    Opera the first collected opera was that of L. Wadding (Lyon 1639); the set at Pembroke may have been far from uniform, but many works were edited by Maurice O'Fihely OFM at Venice between 1497 and 1512 (Sharpe, Latin Writers, 375–6).
  • UC45.¶24 (`opera'): Gregory of Nazianzus [330–390]
    Orationes XXX, Latin tr. by Willibald Pirckheimer pr. Basel 1531 (Adams G1158), &c.; A. C. Way in CTC 2. 151–3.
  • UC45.¶25: Athanasius [c296–373], patriarch of Alexandria
    Opera, tr. Christopherus Persona & others pr. Paris 1519, Strassburg 1522, &c.
  • UC45.¶26 (`sermones Roberti de Licio'): Robertus Caracciolus de Licio (Roberto Caracciolo) OFM [1425–1495]
    Sermones pr. [Venice 1474/75] (GW 6045), &c. [Some may represent his popular Lenten sermons, entered below were specificity is available.]
  • UC45.¶28: Giles of Rome OESA [c1243–1316], archbishop of Bourges
    DBI 42. 319–41; G. Bruni, `Catalogo critico delle opere di Egidio Romano', Bibliofilia 35 (1933) 7–69, 36 (1934) 78–110, and 37 (1935) 247–306.
    Commentary on De summa trinitate et fide catholica (X. I 1) and De celebratione missarum pr. Rome 1555 (as part of a multivolume edition of his works); Glorieux Rép. 400ar.
  • UC45.*29 (`Roger de factis et (sic) exemplaribus antiquorum') = UC47.*115: Roger of Waltham [† after 1332]
    Compendium morale unpr.; Bloomfield 1977, 5286, 5289.
  • UC45.†30 (`Hieronimus in libros Solomonis'): Bede the Venerable [c673–735], monk of Wearmouth–Jarrow
    Commentary on Proverbs CPL 1351; ed. D. Hurst, CCSL 119B (1983) 21–163.
  • UC45.¶*31 = UC47.¶*163: Nicholas of Lyre OFM [†1349]
    H. Labrosse, `Oeuvres de Nicolas de Lyre', Études franciscaines 19 (1908) 153–75, 368–79, and 35 (1923) 171–87, 400–432; G. Dahan (ed.), Nicolas de Lyre, franciscain du XIVe siècle, exégète et théologien (Turnhout 2011).
    Postilla moralis in uetus et nouum testamentum pr. Cologne 1478 (Goff N111), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 5929–74.
  • UC45.¶*32 = UC47.¶*198–200: Nicholas of Lyre OFM [†1349]
    Postilla litteralis in uetus et nouum testamentum pr. Rome 1471–2 (Goff N131), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 5829–5923.
  • UC45.¶*34: Sebastian Münster [1489–1552]
    Cosmographia uniuersalis pr. Basel 1550 (Adams M1908), &c.
  • UC45.¶35 (`opera Heristotilis grecolatina'): Aristotle [384–322 BC]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 1. 267–81 (on tradition and influence). Indexing Aristotle's works presents difficulties at several levels. He wrote a great deal. The sources provide evidence at different periods for the Greek text, multiple Latin translations from Arabic and from Greek, groupings of individual works under familiar medieval titles, and a wide range of pseudonymous texts. The descriptions provided by the sources are often imprecise, especially as to which Latin translation was recorded. Since the sixteenth century scholarly interest has focused on the Greek text rather than on versions current in the middle ages. Only in recent decades has Aristoteles Latinus attempted to document the Latin versions current at different times, but its progress with editions has been slow. Recently Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) has provided complementary material. Since 1971 a separate series Aristoteles Semito-Latinus has aimed to edit translations from Arabic. Where neither is not available, one must have recourse either to major sixteenth-century printings of Latin (in cases where they print the medieval versions) or to the earliest printed editions that may themselves have been documented by our sources. The resulting index is inevitably uneven. Thanks to Pieter de Leemans for his advice.
    Opera, in Greek and Latin ed. D. Erasmus & S. Grynaeus, Basel 1531, &c.
  • UC45.¶36 (`Theodorus'), UC110.¶*22 UO23.¶20, UO24.¶45): Theodore Gaza [1398–1478]
    Γραμματικὴ εἰσαγωγή pr. Venice 1495 (GW 10562), &c.
  • UC45.37 (`Expositio Bernardi in Esaiam'): Bernard of Clairvaux OCist [1090–1153], abbot of Clairvaux
    [dub.] `Super Isaiam' unidentified.
  • UC45.¶38 = UC47.¶174: Plato [429–347 BC]
    Opera, tr. Marsilio Ficino pr. Venice 1484–5 (Goff P771), &c.
  • UC45.¶*41: Giovanni Boccaccio [1313–1375]
    Genealogia deorum gentilium pr. Venice 1472 (Goff B749), &c.; ed. V. Romano (Bari 1951); ed. V. Zaccaria in Tutte le opere di Giovanni Boccaccio, ed. V. Branca (Milan 1964–98), 7–8. 7–1583.
  • UC45.¶*42 = UC47.¶*177: Alphonsus de Spina (Alfonso de Espina) OFM [† after 1491]
    DS 1. 402–403. GW has confused him with Alfonso Lopez de Valladolid (†1469), bishop of Ovense.
    Fortalicium fidei contra Iudaeos Sarracenos et alios Christianae fidei inimicos pr. [Strassburg, not after 1471] (GW 1574), &c.; A. Echevarria, The Fortress of Faith. The Attitude towards Muslims in Fifteenth-Century Spain (Leiden 1999), 47–55.
  • UC45.¶43: T. Livius (Livy) [59 BC–AD 17]
    Ab urbe condita ed. W. Weissenborn, M. Müller, & W. Heraeus, Teubner (1887–1908).
  • UC45.¶44: C. Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Elder) [AD 23–79]
    Historia naturalis ed. L. van Jan & K. Mayhoff, Teubner (1892–1906).
  • UC45.¶45 (w. comm.): Valerius Maximus [fl. AD 30]
    Memorabilia ed. C. Kempf, Teubner (1888).
  • UC45.¶†45 (`Valerius Maximus cum commento'): Oliuerius Arzignanensis Vicentinus [late 15th cent.]
    Commentary on Valerius Maximus's Memorabilia pr. Venice 1487 (Goff V36), &c.
  • UC45.¶46: Galen [c129–?199]
    Opera, Latin tr. pr. Venice 1490 (GW 10481), Venice 1515–16, [Venice 1522] (Adams G31), &c.
  • UC45.¶*48 = UC47.¶*182: Alexander Carpenter [fl. 1430]
    Destructorium uitiorum pr. Cologne 1480 (GW 865), &c.; Bloomfield 3612.
  • UC45.49d: Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Kaeppeli's repertory of Dominican writers excluded Thomas Aquinas, for whom there is no manuscript-based listing. Since the list by Glorieux, 1. 85–104, the tally of works has been reduced. For an up-to-date list, see G. Emery in J. P. Torrell, Thomas Aquinas 1 The Person and His work (Washington, DC, 1996), 330–61, following on from lists by I. T. Eschmann in E. Gilson, The Christian Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas (New York, NY, 1956), 381–437, and J. A. Weisheipl, Friar Thomas d'Aquino (New York, NY, 1974), 355–405. There is an up-to-date list of current editions by E. Alarcón, Optimae editiones operum Thomae de Aquino,
    [dub.] `Liber de incarnatione uerbi et reparatione humani generis' unidentified.
  • UC45.¶49a: Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Scriptum super libros Sententiarum ed. P. Mandonnet & M. F. Moos, 4 vols. [to IV dist. 22] (Paris 1929–47); Stegmüller Sent. 846; Glorieux Rép. 14f.
  • UC45.¶49b: Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Lectura super Matthaeum ed. R. Cai (Turin 1951); Stegmüller Bibl. 8048; Glorieux Rép. 14r.
  • UC45.¶49c: Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Lectura in omnes epistolas Pauli ed. R. Cai (Turin 1953); Glorieux Rép. 14ac; Stegmüller Bibl. 8051–64.
  • UC45.¶50: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    Opera, Latin tr. pr. Basel 1504 &c.
  • UC45.¶51 (`historiae rerum gestarum maximi pontificis'): Pius II (Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini) [1405–1464, sedit 1458–1464]
    Cosmographia pr. Venice 1477 (Goff P730), &c.
  • UC45.¶53 = UC47.¶176: Bartholomaeus Platina (Bartolomeo Sacchi il Platina) [1421–1481]
    Vitae pontificum Romanorum pr. [Venice] 1479 (Goff P768), &c. The edition also includes other works by Platina, De falso et uero bono, Contra amores, De uera nobilitate, De optimo ciue, Panegyricus in Bessarionem doctissimum patriarcham Constantinopolitanum, and Oratio ad Paulum II.
  • UC45.¶54: Antoninus Gislandius OP [fl. 1500]
    Opus aureum . . super euangeliis totius anni pr. Lyon 1508.
  • UC45.¶55: Thomas de Argentina (Thomas of Strassburg) OESA [†1357]
    Commentary on the Lombard's Sentences pr. Strassburg 1490 (Goff T343), &c.; Stegmüller Sent. 895; Zumkeller 824.
  • UC45.¶*56 ?= UC47.*126: Iacobus de Voragine (Iacopo da Varazze) OP [†1298]
    Sermones de omnibus sanctis pr. [Cologne c. 1478] (Goff J187), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 3. 246–66; Kaeppeli 2155.
  • UC45.¶*57: Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    Quodlibet DSO vols. 25–6; Glorieux Rép. 344s; Glorieux Quodl. 1. 218–19, 2. 152.
  • UC45.¶58 = UC47.¶129: Petrus de Palude OP [1270–1342]
    [pseud.] Thesaurus nouus de tempore pr. Strassburg 1483 (Goff P519), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 5. 525–37; Kaeppeli 3302.
  • UC45.61 = UC47.¶138: John of Bromyard OP [†1352]
    Distinctiones unpr.; Kaeppeli 2237. This title was also sometimes applied to the much commoner Opus triuium and some entries may refer to that work.
  • UC45.†62 (`questiones'): Thomas Aquinas OP [c1225–1274]
    Quaestiones de quolibet Quodl. 7–11, STO 25/1; Quodl. 1–3, 6, 4–5, and 12, STO 25/2 (1996); ed. R. M. Spiazzi (Turin 1949); Glorieux Rép. 14bg &c.
  • UC45.64: Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    Scriptum super libros Sententiarum, known as the Opus Oxoniense DSO vols. 8–21; ed. C. Balić & others, Ioannis Duns Scoti opera omnia, vols. 1–# (Vatican City 1950–#); Stegmüller Sent. 421.
  • UC45.66: Iacobus Vicus []
    Commentary on Pauline Epistles unidentified.
  • UC45.*69: Robert Holcot OP [†1349]
    Quodlibeta largely unpr.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 557.
  • UC45.70: John of Bromyard OP [†1352]
    Opus triuium siue Tractatus iuris ciuilis et canonici ad moralem materiam applicati pr. [Cologne not after 1473] (Goff J258), &c.; Kaeppeli 2235. This work was commonly referred to as Bromyard's Distinctiones, but such copies are usually indistinguishable from Kaeppeli 2237.
  • UC45.¶71 ?= UC45.83: Conrad of Brundelsheim (`Soccus') [†1321]
    Sermones de tempore pr. [Augsburg] 1476 (GW 7408), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 1. 716–38.
  • UC45.*72: Clement of Lanthony OSA [† after 1169]
    Vnum ex quattuor unpr.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1981; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 87–8. [Some copies may contain parts of the four-volume commentary on the work.]
  • UC45.¶*73: Sir Thomas Eliot [?1490–1546]
    Dictionary ¶*pr. Bristol 1538 (STC 7659), &c.
  • UC45.¶74 = UC47.¶173: Iosephus Flauius [† after 100]
    Antiquitates iudaicae and De bello iudaico, Latin tr. pr. [Augsburg] 1470 (Goff J481), &c.; pr. Basel 1524; Antiquitates I–V, ed. F. Blatt, The Latin Josephus (Copenhagen 1958).
  • UC45.¶75: Tertullian [† c220]
    Opera pr. Basel 1521 (Adams T405), &c.
  • UC45.¶76 (`concordantiae S. Iacobi'): Concordantia maior, the so-called `third concordance' compiled by the Dominicans of Saint-Jacques, Paris pr. Strassburg, [not after 1474] (GW 7418) (under the name Conradus de Alemannia), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 1999, 3605–6; R. H. Rouse & M. A. Rouse in AFP 44 (1974) 5–30; Kaeppeli 755 (as Conradus de Halberstadt OP). Rouse & Rouse show that the work circulated in Paris by 1286; the attribution to Conrad is made only in the printed editions. [For the so-called `second concordance' or `English concordance', see Richard Stainsby.]
  • UC45.¶*77 = UC47.¶*197: Franciscus de Platea (Francesco Piazza da Bologna) OFM [†1460]
    Opus restitutionum usurarum excommunicationum pr. [Padua c. 1472] (Goff P751), &c.
  • UC45.¶78: Ludolf of Saxony OCarth [c1300–1378]
    Vita Christi pr. [Cologne c. 1472] (CIBN L260), &c.; ed. L. M. Rigollot, Ludolphus de Saxonia. Vita Iesu Christi (Paris/Rome 1865, 1870).
  • UC45.¶*80: Hartmann Schedel [1410–1485]
    Liber cronicarum pr. Nürnberg 1493 (Goff S307); R. J. Schoeck in BIHR 35 (1962) 84–6. Or the French abridgement, Cronica cronicarum abbrege: pr. Paris 1521, Paris 1532.
  • UC45.*82: Albertus Magnus OP [1193–1280]
    DSB 1. 100–103.
    Commentary on Aristotle's De caelo et mundo ed. A. Borgnet, Albert Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 4. 1–321; Fauser 12; Glorieux Rép. 6ab.
  • UC45.*82x: Abraham Ibn Ezra (Abram ben Meir Ibn Ezra) [1092–1167]
    De mundo siue saeculo siue Tractatus de coniunctionibus et annorum reuolutionibus mundanorum, Latin tr. from Hebrew by Henri Bate pr. Venice 1507, fols. 76r–85r; Thorndike/Kibre 1580
  • UC45.83: Conrad of Brundelsheim (`Soccus') [†1321]
    Sermones de tempore pr. [Augsburg] 1476 (GW 7408), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 1. 716–38.

78 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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