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UO31. List of Grocyn's Greek books, bought by John Claymond, in or soon after 1520

30 identified entries found.
  • UO31.*1 (2 vols) = UO33.*147: Lexicon Suida, in Greek pr. Milan 1499 (Goff S829), &c.; ed. A. Adler, Teubner (1928–38).
  • UO31.*2: Plato [429–347 BC]
    Leges, Greek text
  • UO31.*3 (`psalterium grece script'') = UO33.*207: Psalterium Graece pr. Venice [not after 1498] (Goff P1033), &c.
  • UO31.¶4: Apollonius Rhodius [3rd cent. BC]
      ̓Αργοναυτικά pr. Florence 1496 (GW 2271), &c.; ed. H. Fränkel, OCT (1961); ed. F. Vian (Paris 1974–81).
  • UO31.5 (`Moscopoli proton schedon cum aliis'): Manuel Moschopulus [fl. 1300]
  • UO31.¶7 (`psalterium grece impressum'): Psalterium Graece pr. Venice [not after 1498] (Goff P1033), &c.
  • UO31.*8 = UO33.*244: Theophylact [† after 1125], archbishop of Ochrid
    Commentary on the Gospels, Greek text pr. Paris 1531, Rome 1542 (Adams T594), &c.; PG 123. 144–488.
  • UO31.9: Arrian [AD 86–160]
      ̓Αλεξάνδρου   ̓Ανάβασις pr. Venice 1535 (Adams A2008), Basel 1539 (Adams A2009), &c.; ed. E. C. Marchant, OCT (1904).
  • UO31.¶10a (`Theocriti exloge xxx cum ceteris'): Theocritus [3rd cent. BC]
      ̓Ιδύλλια pr. with Hesiod, [Milan c. 1480] (Goff T143), with Hesiod and other works, Venice 1496 (Goff T144), &c.; ed. A. S. F. Gow (Cambridge ).
  • UO31.¶10b: Apollonius Rhodius [3rd cent. BC]
      ̓Αργοναυτικά pr. Florence 1496 (GW 2271), &c.; ed. H. Fränkel, OCT (1961); ed. F. Vian (Paris 1974–81).
  • UO31.11 (`omiliae quedam Crysostomi in magno cuius libri principium est scriptus grece') = UO32.8: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    Opera, in Greek
  • UO31.*12 = UO33.*239: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    Homilies on Matthew, Greek text CPG 4424; PG 57. 13–472, 58. 473–6.
  • UO31.13 (`musica Ptolomei cum alterius musica grece'): Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy) [fl. 127–148]
      ̔Αρμονικά, Greek text ed. I. Düring, Die Harmonielehre des Klaudios Ptolemaios (Göteborg 1930).
  • UO31.*14 (`Crysostomus περὶ   ̔Ιεροσυνης et multa alia') = UO33.*241: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    De sacerdotio, Greek text CPG 4316; ed. A.-M. Malingrey, SChr 272 (Paris 1980).
  • UO31.*15 (`aliud opus C. sic incipiens Grece, . .') = UO33.*240: John Chrysostom [c347–407], patriarch of Constantinople
    [app.] Commentary on Matthew excerpted from works of Chrysostom in Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 25 (AD 1109).
  • UO31.*17 = UO33.*67: Thucydides [460/55–c400 BC]
    Περὶ του̑ Πελοποννησιακου̑ πολέμου pr. Venice 1502 (Adams T662), &c.; ed. H. S. Jones & J. E. Powell, OCT (1942).
  • UO31.*18 = UO33.*30a: Aristotle [384–322 BC]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 1. 267–81 (on tradition and influence). Indexing Aristotle's works presents difficulties at several levels. He wrote a great deal. The sources provide evidence at different periods for the Greek text, multiple Latin translations from Arabic and from Greek, groupings of individual works under familiar medieval titles, and a wide range of pseudonymous texts. The descriptions provided by the sources are often imprecise, especially as to which Latin translation was recorded. Since the sixteenth century scholarly interest has focused on the Greek text rather than on versions current in the middle ages. Only in recent decades has Aristoteles Latinus attempted to document the Latin versions current at different times, but its progress with editions has been slow. Recently Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) has provided complementary material. Since 1971 a separate series Aristoteles Semito-Latinus has aimed to edit translations from Arabic. Where neither is not available, one must have recourse either to major sixteenth-century printings of Latin (in cases where they print the medieval versions) or to the earliest printed editions that may themselves have been documented by our sources. The resulting index is inevitably uneven. Thanks to Pieter de Leemans for his advice.
    [pseud.] Προβλήματα pr. with Aristotle's Opera, Venice 1495–8 (GW 2334), &c.; ed. W. S. Hett, Loeb (1961–5).
  • UO31.19: Demosthenes [384–322 BC]
    Orationes pr. in Greek, Venice 1504 (Adams D259), &c.; pr. Basel 1532 (Adams D261), &c.
  • UO31.*20 (`Basilius magnus in aliquot Psalmos &c.') = UO33.*236: Basil of Caesarea [c330–379], bishop of Caesarea
    Opera, in Greek pr. Basel 1532 (Adams B344), Venice 1535, &c.
  • UO31.21: Manuel Moschopulus [fl. 1300]
      ̓Ερωτήματα pr. with Demetrius Chalcondylas, [Milan c. 1493] (GW 8250), &c.
  • UO31.*22 (`Iulius Pollux grece script'') = UO33.*157,UO33.¶*156: Iulius Pollux [180–238]
      ̓Ονομαστικόν pr. Venice 1502, &c.; ed. E. Bethe, Lexicographi Graeci 9, Teubner (19672).
  • UO31.*23 (`rethorica grec' . .') = UO33.*103b: Cyrus Rhetor []
    Περὶ διαφορα̑ς στάσεως ed. C. Walz, Rhetores Graeci (Stuttgart 1832–6), 8. 387–96.
  • UO31.24 (`Boetius uersus in grecum') = UO32.19: Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 2. 228–36; bibliography in J. Gruber, `Boethius 1925–1998', Lustrum 39 (1997) 307–383 and 40 (1998) 199–259.
    Philosophiae consolatio, Greek tr. ????.
  • UO31.*26 (`Ammonius in Porphyrium') = UO33.*42: Ammonius Hermiae [fl. 600]
    Commentary on Porphyry's Isagoge, Greek text pr. Venice 1500, &c.; ed. A. Busse (Berlin 1891).
  • UO31.*27 (`omnia Ethica Arest. grec. script.') = UO33.*41: Aristotle [384–322 BC]
      ̓Ηθικὰ Νικομάχεια ed. I. Bywater, OCT (1890).
  • UO31.*29 (`uitae sanctorum grece script.') = UO33.*243: Simeon Metaphrastes [late 10th cent.]
    Menologion printed in an unrepresentative text in PG 114–116; for editions of individual lives, see C. Hogel, Symeon Metaphrastes (Copenhagen 2002), 172–95.

30 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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