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UO44. List of donated books, probably by John Neele, 22 Aug. 1488 × 21 Aug. 1489

37 identified entries found.
  • UO44.¶2: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    Epistulae CPL 262.
  • UO44.¶3: Robertus Caracciolus de Licio (Roberto Caracciolo) OFM [1425–1495]
    Sermones quadragesimales de paenitentia pr. [Venice 1472] (GW 6061), &c.
  • UO44.¶5: Ludolf of Saxony OCarth [c1300–1378]
    Vita Christi pr. [Cologne c. 1472] (CIBN L260), &c.; ed. L. M. Rigollot, Ludolphus de Saxonia. Vita Iesu Christi (Paris/Rome 1865, 1870).
  • UO44.¶6 (w. Trevet & Waleys): Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De ciuitate Dei CPL 313; pr. [Subiaco 1467] (GW 2874), &c.; ed. B. Dombart & A. Kalb, CCSL 47–8 (1955).
  • UO44.¶7: Hugo de Prato Florido OP [1262–1322]
    Sermones dominicales super euangelia et epistolas pr. [Strassburg c. 1472] (Goff H503), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 2. 741–53; Kaeppeli 1979.
  • UO44.¶8–9 (I–II): Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    Scriptum super libros Sententiarum, known as the Opus Oxoniense DSO vols. 8–21; ed. C. Balić & others, Ioannis Duns Scoti opera omnia, vols. 1–# (Vatican City 1950–#); Stegmüller Sent. 421.
  • UO44.¶10: Willelmus Durandus the Elder [1237–1296], bishop of Mende
    Rationale diuinorum officiorum pr. Mainz 1459 (GW 9101), &c.; ed. A. Davril & T. M. Thibodeau, CCCM 140, 140A (1995–8); Schulte, 2. 155. [There is also an annotated English translation of Book IV by T. M. Thibodeau (Turnhout 2013).]
  • UO44.¶11: Paulus de S. Maria (Pablo de Burgos) [c1351–1435], bishop of Burgos
    Scrutinium Scripturarum contra perfidiam Iudaeorum pr. Strassburg 1469 (Goff P201), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 6328.
  • UO44.¶12 (`canticum beate Marie super Magnificat', 2nd fo.): Jean Gerson [1363–1429]
    Collectorium super Magnificat pr. [Strassburg] 1473 (GW 10765), &c.
  • UO44.¶14: Gesta Romanorum cum applicationibus moralizatis pr. [Cologne c. 1473] (GW 10082), &c.; ed. H. Oesterley (Berlin 1872 / repr. Hildesheim 1963); W. Röll in MLJ 21 (1986) 208–229; B. Weiske, Gesta Romanorum (Tübingen 1992).
  • UO44.¶15: Lactantius Firmianus [fl. 305–323]
    Opera pr. Subiaco 1465 (Goff L1), &c.; edited by Iohannes Andreae, Rome 1470 (Goff L3), &c.
  • UO44.19: William of Tournai [late 13th cent.]
    Flores Bernardi unpr.; Bloomfield 1155.
  • UO44.*20: Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 2. 228–36; bibliography in J. Gruber, `Boethius 1925–1998', Lustrum 39 (1997) 307–383 and 40 (1998) 199–259.
    Philosophiae consolatio CPL 878; ed. L. Bieler, CCSL 94 (19842); ed. C. Moreschini, Teubner (2000).
  • UO44.¶21: Rufinus of Aquileia [c345–411]
    Commentarius in Symbolum apostolorum CPL 196; pr. Oxford 1468 [1478] (Bod-Inc R-148]; ed. M. Simonetti, CCSL 20 (1961) 133–82; Lambert 514.
  • UO44.¶*23: Johann Nider OP [1380–1438]
    Expositio decalogi siue Praeceptorium diuinae legis pr. [Basel c. 1472] (Goff N196), [Cologne, not after 1472] (Goff N197), &c.; Kaeppeli 2540.
  • UO44.¶*25: Thomas à Kempis [1379–1471]
    Imitatio Christi ed. C. Hirsche (Berlin 1891); ed. T. Lupo, Storia e attualità 6 (Vatican City 1982).
  • UO44.¶*25x: Jean Gerson [1363–1429]
    De modo uiuendi fidelium pr. Cologne c. 1467 (GW 10799), &c.; ed. Glorieux, Gerson, 8. 1–5 (no. 399).
  • UO44.¶*26: Johann Nider OP [1380–1438]
    Consolatorium timoratae conscientiae pr. [Cologne c. 1470] (Goff N164), &c.; Kaeppeli 2535.
  • UO44.¶27 (`Thomas de ueritatibus'): Hugo Ripelinus OP [† c1300]
    Compendium ueritatis theologicae ed. A. Borgnet, Alberti Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 34. 1–270; Stegmüller Sent. 368; Kaeppeli 1982.
  • UO44.28b: `Macer' [? early 11th cent.]
    De uiribus herbarum ed. L. Choulant (Leipzig 1832), 28–123; Thorndike/Kibre 610; WIC 7711. A small number of manuscripts associate the work with a writer called Odo, once named as Odo Magdunensis, from which the author is sometimes supposed to be Odo of Meung, an unknown figure.
  • UO44.¶29: Mensa philosophica pr. [Cologne c. 1479] (CIBN M294), &c.
  • UO44.30: Guy d'Evreux OP [fl. 1290]
    Sermones dominicales unpr.; Schneyer, 2. 319–65; Kaeppeli 1400. The prologue, ed. P. Michaud-Qauntin in AFP 20 (1950) 213–33.
  • UO44.31 (`sanctus T. de ueritatibus'): Hugo Ripelinus OP [† c1300]
    Compendium ueritatis theologicae ed. A. Borgnet, Alberti Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 34. 1–270; Stegmüller Sent. 368; Kaeppeli 1982.
  • UO44.¶32: Niccolò Perotti [1430–1480]
    Rudimenta grammatices pr. Rome 1473 (Goff P300), &c.; W. Keith in Res Publica Litterarum 9 (1980) 219–29.
  • UO44.¶34: Parati sermones de tempore et de sanctis pr. Cologne [c. 1480] (Goff P92), &c.; Schneyer Rep. 4. 523–48.
  • UO44.¶*35 (`liber simplicium confessorum'): Antoninus Florentinus (Antonino Pierozzi) OP [1389–1459], archbishop of Florence
    Confessionale pr. [Cologne c. 1468] (GW 2080), &c.; Kaeppeli 256.
  • UO44.¶*35x: Pius II (Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini) [1405–1464, sedit 1458–1464]
    Epistula ad Mahumetem pr. [Cologne 1469–72] (Goff P696), &c.
  • UO44.¶*36 (Oxford 1479): Aristotle [384–322 BC]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 1. 267–81 (on tradition and influence). Indexing Aristotle's works presents difficulties at several levels. He wrote a great deal. The sources provide evidence at different periods for the Greek text, multiple Latin translations from Arabic and from Greek, groupings of individual works under familiar medieval titles, and a wide range of pseudonymous texts. The descriptions provided by the sources are often imprecise, especially as to which Latin translation was recorded. Since the sixteenth century scholarly interest has focused on the Greek text rather than on versions current in the middle ages. Only in recent decades has Aristoteles Latinus attempted to document the Latin versions current at different times, but its progress with editions has been slow. Recently Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) has provided complementary material. Since 1971 a separate series Aristoteles Semito-Latinus has aimed to edit translations from Arabic. Where neither is not available, one must have recourse either to major sixteenth-century printings of Latin (in cases where they print the medieval versions) or to the earliest printed editions that may themselves have been documented by our sources. The resulting index is inevitably uneven. Thanks to Pieter de Leemans for his advice.
    Ethica, tr. Leonardo Bruni (1417) pr. Cologne c. 1470 (GW 2384, 5614), &c.; prefaces, ed. H. Baron, Leonardo Bruni. Humanistisch-Philosophische Schriften (Berlin 1928), 75–81.
  • UO44.37: Alanus ab Insula (Alain de Lille) [c. 1128–1203]
    R. de Lage, Alain de Lille, poète du XIIe siècle (Paris 1951), 169–86.
    Anticlaudianus PL 210. 487–594; ed. T. Wright, Anglo-Latin Satirical Poets, RS 59 (1872), 2. 268–428; ed. R. Bossuat, Textes philosophiques du moyen âge 1 (Paris 1955).
  • UO44.39 (`liber sancti Thome de ueritatibus'): Hugo Ripelinus OP [† c1300]
    Compendium ueritatis theologicae ed. A. Borgnet, Alberti Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 34. 1–270; Stegmüller Sent. 368; Kaeppeli 1982.
  • UO44.41: Iohannes Duns Scotus OFM [†1308]
    Quodlibet DSO vols. 25–6; Glorieux Rép. 344s; Glorieux Quodl. 1. 218–19, 2. 152.
  • UO44.42 (`liber genealogie ab Adam usque ad Cristum', 2nd fo.): Peter of Poitiers [c1130–1205]
    Genealogia historiarum ed. P. S. Moore (Notre Dame, IN, 1936); Stegmüller Bibl. 6778; Glorieux Rép. 100f.

37 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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