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UO54. Electio list of philosophical books, 13 January 1452

11 identified entries found.
  • UO54.2: John of Gaddesden [† by 1349]
    Rosa medicinae pr. Pavia 1492 (Goff J326), &c.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 252–3; Thorndike/Kibre 552, 577.
  • UO54.3: Constantinus Africanus OSB [c1015–1087], monk of Monte Cassino
    Viaticum pr. Venice 1505 &c.; pr. Lyon 1515, 2. 144r–171v (with the works of Isaac Judaeus); pr. Basel 1536, 1. 1–167 (with the works of Constantinus); Thorndike/Kibre 187, 334, 1298, 1357. [M. F. Wack, Lovesickness in the Middle Ages. The Viaticum and its Commentaries (Philadelphia, PA, 1990).]
  • UO54.5 (`Gilbertum'): Gilbertus Anglicus [early 13th cent.]
    Compendium seu Lilium medicinae pr. Lyon 1510; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 144; Thorndike/Kibre 3, 881.
  • UO54.15 = UO65.12: M. Tullius Cicero [106–43 BC]
    De inuentione ed. E. Stroebel, Teubner (1915).
  • UO54.18 (`pantegni') ?= UO68.*339: Constantinus Africanus OSB [c1015–1087], monk of Monte Cassino
    Pantegni pr. Lyon 1515, 2. 1r–57v (Theorica Pantegni), 58r–144r (Practica Pantegni) (with the works of Isaac Iudaeus); Thorndike/Kibre 348, 1221. Manuscripts are listed in C. S. F. Burnett & D. Jacquart, Constantine the African and `Ali ibn al-`Abbas al-Magusi (Leiden 1994), 316–51.
  • UO54.81: Petrus Thomae (Pedro Tomás) OFM [c1280–c1340]
    De esse intelligibili unpr.; manuscripts listed by G. G. Bridges, Identity and Distinction in Petrus Thomae OFM (St Bonaventure, NY, 1959), 177–80.
  • UO54.88 (`Aschinden'): John Ashendon [† after 1365]
    Summa de accidentibus mundi pr. Venice 1489 (GW 9392); Sharpe, Latin Writers, 206–207.
  • UO54.137 (`exposit' logice'): Giles of Rome OESA [c1243–1316], archbishop of Bourges
    DBI 42. 319–41; G. Bruni, `Catalogo critico delle opere di Egidio Romano', Bibliofilia 35 (1933) 7–69, 36 (1934) 78–110, and 37 (1935) 247–306.
    Commentary on Aristotle's Sophistici elenchi pr. Venice 1496/7 (GW 7195) / repr. Frankfurt 1967; Lohr, 328–9; Glorieux Rép. 400ae.
  • UO54.†148 (`exposit' naturalis philosophie', 2nd fo.): Peter of Auvergne [†1304]
    List of works by G. Galle in BPM 42 (2000) 53–79.
    Commentary on Aristotle's De caelo et mundo, Book III, chapter 9, and Book IV pr. with the text and Thomas's commentary on Books I and II, Venice 1495 (GW 2355), &c.; Glorieux Rép. 201v; Lohr, 337–8.
  • UO54.165: M. Annaeus Lucanus [AD 39–65]
    De bello ciuili ed. A. E. Housman (Oxford 1926); ed. G. Luck (Berlin 1985).

11 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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