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UO55. Books assigned to the warden's study, 1483

25 identified entries found.
  • UO55.3: Iohannes de Deo [†1267]
    Cauillationes pr. with Willelmus Durandus, Speculum iudiciale, Venice 1566; Diaz 1280; Schulte, 2. 104–6.
  • UO55.5: Nicholas Trevet OP [c1258–c1334]
    Commentary on Boethius's Philosophiae consolatio unpr.; dedication, ed. R. J. Dean, Studies in Philology 63 (1966) 600–603; extracts in Chaucer's Boece and the Medieval Tradition of Boethius, ed. A. J. Minnis (Cambridge 1993), 35–91; Kaeppeli 3134.
  • UO55.10 (`Petrus Helias tantum', 2nd fo. not found): Petrus Elias [mid 12th cent.]
    Summa in Priscianum ed. L. A. Reilly, Studies and Texts 113 (Toronto 1993).
  • UO55.14: William of Tournai [late 13th cent.]
    Flores Bernardi unpr.; Bloomfield 1155.
  • UO55.19 = UO68.224: Statuta Angliae manuscript collections vary, but most begin with Magna carta; for example, CUL MS Dd. 10. 28 (s. xiv), Baker, English Legal Manuscripts, xxii–xxiv. In print, Magna carta cum statutis, pr. by R. Pynson, London 1508 &c. (STC 9266–73). [See also under Magna carta, Statuta noua.]
  • UO55.21: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    [pseud.] De spiritu et anima pr, [Lauingen] 1472 (GW 2936), &c.; PL 40. 779–832; Bloomfield 4935. [There is no evidence to support the attribution of the work to Alcher of Clairvaux; on attibutions, D. Aschoff, `Der pseudo-augustinische Traktat De spiritu et anima', Revue des études augustinienne 18 (1972) 293–4. See also above, Augustine ps. De creatione primi hominis, for c. 35.]
  • UO55.22 (`gesta Alexandri, 2nd fo.): Walter of Châtillon [late 12th cent.]
    Alexandreis PL 209. 463–572; ed. M. L. Colker (Padua 1978).
  • UO55.23 (`gesta Alexandri', 2nd fo.): Walter of Châtillon [late 12th cent.]
    Alexandreis PL 209. 463–572; ed. M. L. Colker (Padua 1978).
  • UO55.23b (`cum Claudiano'): Claudianus Claudius [† after 404]
    Claudianus maior, comprising all the shorter poems except Panegyricus dictus Probino et Olybrio consulibus, and often including also the minor poems of doubtful authenticity ed. J. B. Hall, Teubner (1985), 12–288, 342–409. [Begins with In Rufinum, which may stand as a title for the whole collection, as in FA8.485, P2.110.]
  • UO55.24: Theodulus [?9th cent.]
    Ecloga ed. J. Osternacher (Linz/Urfahr 1902); ed. F. Mosetti Casaretto, Per Verba 5 (Florence 1997); WIC 664. [For commentaries see CTC 2. 303–348.]
  • UO55.†27 (`liber de legibus Anglie', 2nd fo. not found in Bracton): Henry Bracton [†1268]
    (attrib.), De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae ed. G. E. Woodbine & S. E. Thorne (Cambridge, MA, 1968–772).
  • UO55.29 (`quinque quaterni perspectiue Vitelonis'): Witelo [13th cent.]
    Perspectiua pr. Nürnberg 1535 &c.; ed. F. Risner, Opticae thesaurus (Basel 1572); Thorndike/Kibre 1689. [An edition was begun by S. Ungaru & M. Smith, Studia Copernicana 15, 21, 28 (1977–91), covering Books I–III and V of the ten books.]
  • UO55.30: Thomas Waleys OP [†1350]
    [app.] `Tabula super lecturam Waleys' unidentified.
  • UO55.33: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    De trinitate CPL 329; pr. [Strassburg not after 1474] (GW 2925), &c.; ed. W. J. Mountain & F. Glorie, CCSL 50, 50A (1968).
  • UO55.36: John Pecham OFM [c1240–1292]
    [dub.] `Liber Pecham de gradibus formarum' not identified. Might it be the quaestio by Richard Middleton?
  • UO55.38: Gerard [#unkn.#]
    `Determinatio de uisione beatifica' not identified.
  • UO55.39: Diego Perez de Valencia OESA [c1408–1490]
    Commentary on the Psalms pr. Valencia 1484 (Goff P276), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 3983. [Sometimes confused with Thomas Waleys, Expositio super duos nocturnos Psalterii
  • UO55.40 (anon.): Thomas of York OFM [† by 1269]
    (attrib.) Manus que contra Omnipotentem tenditur ed. M. Bierbaum, Bettelorden und Weltgeistlichkeit an der Universität Paris, Franziskanische Studien, Beiheft 2 (Münster 1920), 36–168; F. Pelster in AFH 15 (1922) 3–22; Glorieux Th. 306b.
  • UO55.44 (attrib. Augustine): `Ambrosiaster' [fl. 370]
    Quaestiones ueteris et noui testamenti CPL 185.
  • UO55.48 (`liber de yconomia A. cum exposicione'): Aristotle [384–322 BC]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 1. 267–81 (on tradition and influence). Indexing Aristotle's works presents difficulties at several levels. He wrote a great deal. The sources provide evidence at different periods for the Greek text, multiple Latin translations from Arabic and from Greek, groupings of individual works under familiar medieval titles, and a wide range of pseudonymous texts. The descriptions provided by the sources are often imprecise, especially as to which Latin translation was recorded. Since the sixteenth century scholarly interest has focused on the Greek text rather than on versions current in the middle ages. Only in recent decades has Aristoteles Latinus attempted to document the Latin versions current at different times, but its progress with editions has been slow. Recently Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) has provided complementary material. Since 1971 a separate series Aristoteles Semito-Latinus has aimed to edit translations from Arabic. Where neither is not available, one must have recourse either to major sixteenth-century printings of Latin (in cases where they print the medieval versions) or to the earliest printed editions that may themselves have been documented by our sources. The resulting index is inevitably uneven. Thanks to Pieter de Leemans for his advice.
    [pseud.] Oeconomica, tr. Leonardo Bruni pr. together with Bruni's commentary, [Verona c. 1471–2] (GW 2435), &c.; preface, ed. H. Baron, Leonardo Bruni (Berlin 1928), 120–21.
  • UO55.52 (`Martiania decreti'): Martin of Troppau OP [†1278]
    Margarita Decreti pr. [Cologne] 1481 (CIBN M177), &c.; Kaeppeli 2973.
  • UO55.56: Richard of Saint-Victor OSA [†1173]
    R. Goy, Die handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke Richards von St. Viktor im Mittelalter, Bibliotheca Victorina 18 (Turnhout 2006).
    De trinitate PL 196. 887–992; ed. J. Ribaillier, Textes philosophiques du moyen âge 6 (Paris 1958).
  • UO55.59 (`summa Iohannis Billett'): John Beleth [† after 1182]
    Summa de ecclesiasticis officiis ed. H. Douteil, CCCM 41, 41A (1976).
  • UO55.61 (`papa stupor mundi'): Geoffrey de Vinsauf [† after 1200]
    Poetria noua ed. E. Faral, Les Arts poétiques du XIIe et XIIIe siècle (Paris 1924), 197–262.
  • UO55.64 (`Swynshed de intencione qualitatis'): Richard Swineshead [† after 1354]
    Calculationes pr. Padua [c1477] (Goff S830),&c.; extracts, ed. E. D. Sylla, The Oxford Calculators and the Mathematics of Motion 1320–1350 (New York, NY, 1991),648–714; M. Clagett, The Science of Mechanics in the Middle Ages (Madison, WI, 1959), 298–304; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 513.

25 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
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