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UO69. Books for the use of the scholars, 18 September 1377

11 identified entries found.
  • UO69.*1 = UO70.*240: Albertus Magnus OP [1193–1280]
    DSB 1. 100–103.
    Commentary on Aristotle's Meteora ed. P. Hossfeld AMO 6/1 (2003); Fauser 16; Glorieux Rép. 6af.
  • UO69.*1x: Albertus Magnus OP [1193–1280]
    Commentary on Aristotle's De anima ed. A. Borgnet, Alberti Magni opera omnia (Paris 1890–99), 5. 117–420; Fauser 18; Glorieux Rép. 6ar; Lohr, 342.
  • UO69.2a (`Egidius super libros elenchorum'): Giles of Rome OESA [c1243–1316], archbishop of Bourges
    DBI 42. 319–41; G. Bruni, `Catalogo critico delle opere di Egidio Romano', Bibliofilia 35 (1933) 7–69, 36 (1934) 78–110, and 37 (1935) 247–306.
    Commentary on Aristotle's Sophistici elenchi pr. Venice 1496/7 (GW 7195) / repr. Frankfurt 1967; Lohr, 328–9; Glorieux Rép. 400ae.
  • UO69.2b: Giles of Rome OESA [c1243–1316], archbishop of Bourges
    Commentary on Aristotle's De generatione et corruptione pr. Naples [c. 1476] (GW 7198), &c.; pr. Venice 1505 / repr. Frankfurt 1970; Glorieux Rép. 400r.
  • UO69.3a: Peter of Auvergne [†1304]
    List of works by G. Galle in BPM 42 (2000) 53–79.
    Commentary on Aristotle's Meteora pr. Salamanca 1497 (Hain 12852); Glorieux Rép. 210g; Lohr, 338–9.
  • UO69.3b: Robert Grosseteste, known as Lincolniensis [†1253], bishop of Lincoln
    Commentary on Aristotle's Analytica posteriora ed. P. Rossi (Florence 1981); Thomson, Grosseteste, 84–5.
  • UO69.4 (`commentum celi et mundi') = UO70.238: Averroes (Ibn Rushd) [1126–1198]
    Commentarium magnum on Aristotle's De caelo et mundo, tr. Michael Scot pr. Aristotelis omnia quae extant opera, 11 vols. (Venice 1573–6), 5. 1r–336v.

11 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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