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UO85. Indenture recording gift of books by William Asplyon, 11 Feb. 1474

18 identified entries found.
  • UO85.2 (Gn–Rg): Nicholas of Lyre OFM [†1349]
    H. Labrosse, `Oeuvres de Nicolas de Lyre', Études franciscaines 19 (1908) 153–75, 368–79, and 35 (1923) 171–87, 400–432; G. Dahan (ed.), Nicolas de Lyre, franciscain du XIVe siècle, exégète et théologien (Turnhout 2011).
    Postilla litteralis in uetus et nouum testamentum pr. Rome 1471–2 (Goff N131), &c.; Stegmüller Bibl. 5829–5923.
  • UO85.3–4 (parts 1–2): Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    Enarrationes in Psalmos CPL 283; ed. E. Dekkers & J. Fraipont, CCSL 38–40 (1956); ed. F. Gori, CSEL 93–95 (in progress), of which Pss 119–50 have appeared, CSEL 95/3–5 (2001–5). [This title, now standard, originated with Erasmus.]
  • UO85.5: Augustine [354–430], bishop of Hippo
    Tractatus in euangelium Iohannis CPL 278; ed. R. Willems, CCSL 36 (1954).
  • UO85.6: Nicholas de Gorran OP [† c1295]
    Commentary on Luke pr. Cologne 1537; Stegmüller Bibl. 5780.
  • UO85.7–8a (`Gorham super epistolas Pauli ad Romanos et Corinthios', `super omnes ceteras epistolas Pauli'): Peter of Tarentaise OP (later Innocent V) [c1224–1276, sedit 1276]
    Commentary on the Pauline Epistles unpr.; Stegmüller Bibl. 6868–81 (first recension); Glorieux Rép. 17d. Or the second recension (ps. Nicholaus de Gorran): pr. Cologne 1478 (Goff N103) (as Gorran); Stegmüller Bibl. 5800, 6882–95. [This work is not really treated by Kaeppeli 3339.]
  • UO85.‡8b (`Gorran super actus apostolorum'): Hugh of Saint-Cher OP [†1263]
    Biblia cum postilla pr. [Basel 1498–1502], 7 vols. (GW 4285); pr. Venice 1703; Stegmüller Bibl. 3631–3769; Kaeppeli 1989. [P. Stirnemann, `Les manuscrits de la Postille', and B. Carra de Vaux, `La constitution du corpus exégétique', in Hugues de Saint-Cher (†1263), bibliste et théologien (Turnhout 2004), 31–42, 43–63.]
  • UO85.8c: Nicholas de Gorran OP [† c1295]
    Commentary on Revelation pr. Antwerp 1620; Stegmüller Bibl. 5810.
  • UO85.9 (`N. de H. de figuris sacre scripture cum tabula'): Nicholaus de Hanapis OP [c1225–1291], patriarch of Jerusalem
    Liber de exemplis sacrae scripturae pr. as a work of Bonaventure, [Venice c. 1480] (Goff B850), &c.; S. Bonaventurae opera (Paris 1588–96), 7. 469–563; Distelbrink 64; Kaeppeli 3094; Stegmüller Bibl. 5815; Bloomfield 1006. [Discussion of the early editions and their various texts by V. Scholderer in Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1936, 61–2.]
  • UO85.10a (w. Grosseteste): Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    L. Minio-Paluello in DSB 2. 228–36; bibliography in J. Gruber, `Boethius 1925–1998', Lustrum 39 (1997) 307–383 and 40 (1998) 199–259.
    Philosophiae consolatio CPL 878; ed. L. Bieler, CCSL 94 (19842); ed. C. Moreschini, Teubner (2000).
  • UO85.10b (`cum commento Lincolniensis super eodem'): William of Conches [c1080–1154]
    Glosae super Boetium ed. L. W. Nauta, diss. (Groningen 1999); Thomson, Grosseteste, 243–4. [Early copies in France are ascribed to William, some English copies from 14th cent. onwards ascribed to Grosseteste, and so received by Leland and Bale.]
  • UO85.10c: Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    De trinitate CPL 890–94; ed. C. Moreschini, Teubner (2000). This title usually designates the five opuscula sacra.
  • UO85.10d (`de ebdomadibus'): Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    Quomodo substantiae in eo quod sint bonae sint CPL 892, one of the five opuscula sacra.
  • UO85.10e (`de duabus naturis in Christo contra Nestorium'): Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus [c480–524]
    Liber contra Eutychen et Nestorium CPL 894, one of the five opuscula sacra.
  • UO85.11 (`cum bona tabula'): Ranulf Higden OSB [†1364]
    Polychronicon ed. C. Babington & J. R. Lumby, RS 41 (1865–86); J. Taylor, The Universal Chronicle of Ranulf Higden (Oxford 1966).
  • UO85.†12 (`quodlibeta doctoris subtilis abbreuiata'): John Sharpe [† after 1403]
    Abbreviation of John Duns Scotus's Quodlibeta unpr.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 315.
  • UO85.*13 (`summam Ranerii', `in quaternis', 6 pts of which 3 traced): Rainerius Iordanis de Pisis OP [† c1348]
    Pantheologia pr. Nürnberg 1473 (Goff R5), &c.; Kaeppeli 3429; Stegmüller Bibl. 7169.

18 identified entries found.

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