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Z12. Valuation of goods, 1430

6 identified entries found.
  • Z12.3: William de Lanicea OFM [late 12th cent.]
    Dieta salutis pr. Cologne 1474 (GW 4720), &c.; ed. A. C. Peltier, S. Bonaventurae opera omnia (Paris 1864–71), 8. 247–347; Distelbrink 124; Bloomfield 2301. [The accompanying Themata, ib. 8. 347–58; Bloomfield 0077.]
  • Z12.‡5 (anon.): Willelmus de Pagula [early 14th cent.]
    Speculum religiosorum unpr.; Sharpe, Latin Writers, 799–800; Bloomfield 0183, 2115.
  • Z12.†5 (anon.): Edmund of Abingdon [†1240], archbishop of Canterbury
    Speculum religiosorum ed. H. P. Forshaw, Auctores Britannici medii aeui 3 (1973), 30–110 [even pages].
  • Z12.7: Raymond of Peñafort OP [c1180–1275]
    Summa de casibus poenitentiae ed. X. Ochoa & A. Diez, Universa bibliotheca iuris 1B (Rome 1976); Kuttner, 443–5; Bloomfield 5054; Diaz 1324. [Manuscripts listed by L. Robles, `Escritores dominicos de la Corona de Aragón (siglos XIII–XV)', in Repertorio de historia de las ciencias eclesiásticas en España (Salamanca 1967–79), 3. 11–175 (at 14–31). The common apparatus is that of William of Rennes.] [Book III tit. 34, De poenitentiis et remissionibus, Ochoa & Diez, 795–882 (Bloomfield 3954) and Book IV, Ochoa & Diez, ??? (Bloomfield 4943) also circulate separately.]
  • Z12.8: Defensor of Ligugé [late 7th cent.]
    Liber scintillarum CPL 1302; ed. H. M. Rochais, CCSL 117 (1957) 1–234.
  • Z12.10: Ambrose [c339–397], archbishop of Milan
    Commentary on Luke CPL 143.

6 identified entries found.

All data was derived from the List of Identifications by Professor Richard Sharpe.
A key to codes used in the List is available (opens in new tab).

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