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Zacharias Chrysopolitanus — Abbotsbury, Dorset. Benedictine abbey of St Peter.

Provenance: Abbotsbury, Dorset. Benedictine abbey of St Peter.
Location: Wormsley Library, Wormsley
Shelfmark: s.n.
Author/Title: Zacharias Chrysopolitanus
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

'Iste liber constat deo et ecclesie apostolorum petri et pauli de abbodisbery' (fol. 179r, s. xv ex).

Contents of the book:

Zacharias Chrysopolitanus, In unum ex quatuor

Date: s. xii

II h (on binding)


Gaffre Bevenew of Abbotsburye (s. xvi ex). Sigmund Georg fon buchwalt (s. xviii ex). The family of Michel, of Dewlish, Dorset. A. Chester Beatty; sold 9 May 1933 (Sotheby lot 43) to Quaritch; later sold to Mrs G. M. Millard of Pasadena, CA, USA; sold by her to Mrs Edward L. Doheny; given by her to St John's Seminary, Camarillo, CA, USA; sold at Christie's, 2 December 1987, lot 143, with colour plates, to Maggs on behalf of Sir Paul Getty (1932–2003); Wormsley Library (see The Wormsley Library: A Personal Selection by Sir Paul Getty, K.B.E., exhibition catalogue, New York, 1999, no. 4)

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