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Bartholomeus Anglicus — Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. Cathedral church of St Mary the Virgin.

Provenance: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. Cathedral church of St Mary the Virgin.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Ashmole 1474
Author/Title: Bartholomeus Anglicus
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

'Iste liber est ecclesie et Capituli Aberdonensis ex dono reuerendi in Cristo patris et domini, domini Alexandri de Kynnoude episcopi Aberdonensis, quem qui alienauerit [  ] a dicta, alienus fiat a regno dei. Amen.' (top fol. 1r, s. xiv)

Contents of the book:

Bartholomew the Englishman, De proprietatibus rerum.

Date: s. xiii/xiv
Medieval Catalogue: S1.25, S2.22

Further details of medieval catalogues:

'Scripta per manum GODEFRIDI correctoris reuerendi doctoris et magistri sacre theologie magistri Iohannis Rath' (ad fin., fol. 247v, s. xiv). John Rate probably compiled it before he became bishop of Aberdeen in 1350 (D. E. R. Watt, A Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Graduates to A.D. 1410 (Oxford 1977), 301, 465–6).

Alexander de Kininmund, bishop of Aberdeen, more probably the second of that name (1329–1343 x 1344) than the first (1355–80).

Elias Ashmole (1617–1692).

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