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Excerptiones de Prisciano — Abingdon, Berkshire. Benedictine abbey of St Mary the Virgin.

Provenance: Abingdon, Berkshire. Benedictine abbey of St Mary the Virgin.
Location: Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
Shelfmark: 47
Author/Title: Excerptiones de Prisciano
Type of evidence: c: evidence from locally specific contents, including obits, scribbles, etc.
Notes on evidence: Contains a set of verses (s. xi 1) addressed to Wulfgar 'nobilis alme pater' (?Wulfgar, abbot of Abingdon 989-1016) and verses commemorating Archbishop Aelfric, who had been a monk at Abingdon, and Sts Edward the Martyr and Eustace. Marginalia in two hands which occur also in Brussels 1520. For verse-writing at Abingdon in s. xi, compare CCCC 57 and CUL Kk.3.21.
Date: s. xi in
Ownership: John Moretus (d. 1610). The London fragment was bought from J. M. Sullivan, 23 February 1884; it was detached from the rest probably in s. xix.
Notes: BL Add. 32246 is a fragment from this volume. The two Plantin-Moretus manuscripts and Brussels, Bibl. royale, 1520 probably formed one volume. Bodleian MSS Facs. d.76 is a facsimile of Add. 32246 and Plantin 47, and MS Film 5 is a microfilm of Plantin 190.

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