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Missale — Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire. Collegiate church of St Ternan.

Provenance: Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire. Collegiate church of St Ternan.
Location: Museum and Art Gallery, Paisley
Author/Title: Missale
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

'Altari summo ternani presulis almi Presens missale deuoti contribuere. Robertus dauides arbuthnot uir recolendus. Ast quondam Jacobus sybbald uicarius arbuth. . . . Vendens seu mutans tollens retinens alienans. Istud ab ecclesia dicta maledictus ubique sit nisi pentiteat illuc subitoque reportet Ecclesia maneat arbuthnot sic liber iste. Mille quater centis. nonages. primo simul annis Christi sic iunctis. Apud arbuthnot dominus laus. In sancti petri cathedra liber explicit iste.' (on leaf preceding the canon, in main hand)

Date: A.D. 1491

Transferred after the dissolution to Arbuthnott House (Lord Arbuthnott). Sold at Sotheby's 10 Dec. 1897 to Archibald Coates of Woodside, Paisley, who presented it to the Free Library at Paisley, now the Museum and Art Gallery. Medieval stamped binding.


Written by James Sybbald; his obit (22 Aug. 1507) is added to the kalendar of the missal.

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