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Gregorius — Abingdon, Berkshire. Benedictine abbey of St Mary the Virgin.

Provenance: Abingdon, Berkshire. Benedictine abbey of St Mary the Virgin.
Location: All Souls College , Oxford
Shelfmark: 18
Author/Title: Gregorius
Type of evidence: s: evidence from the style of script or illumination
Notes on evidence:

‘Registrum sancti gregorii <pape erased> in .xiij. [sic] libris. datum collegio animarum fidelium per magistrum Thomam gascoigne. sacre pagine professorem eboracensis diocesis et dator libri vult quod concathenetur. in. libraria. communi. prefati collegii 1439o’ (fol. iiiv, hand of Thomas Gascoigne)

‘anno domini 1439’ (fol. iiiv)

‘Liber Collegij animarum omnium fidelium defunctorum de Oxon’ Ex dono Magistri Thome Gascoigne sacre pagine professoris. 1439’ (fol. 2r)

‘It is possible that [Gascoigne] obtained it from Abingdon Abbey; the fine initials are very similar to those in London, Lambeth Palace MS 42, an Abingdon manuscript, and it is probably more than a coincidence that it too was in Gascoigne’s hands, for he was resident in Oxford in the 1430s and 1440s, only a few miles from Abingdon.’ (Watson, All Souls, 37)

Date: s. xii med.
Medieval Catalogue Notes: UO6.36 = UO7.37 = UO8.47 = UO13.30 = UO14.44 = UO19.51 = UO20.19 = UO20.17

Thomas Gascoigne (1404–1458), theologian and chancellor of Oxford

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