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Haly Abenragel — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Peterhouse (Collegium Sancti Petri).

Provenance: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Peterhouse (Collegium Sancti Petri).
Location: Corpus Christi College , Oxford
Shelfmark: 151
Author/Title: Haly Abenragel
Type of evidence: de: evidence of dicta probatoria and an ex-libris inscription or note of gift
Notes on evidence:

'Hunc librum M. Iohannes Holbrok' contulit domui sancti Petri Cantebrigiensis in festo sancti Valentini anno domini mo cccco xxvjto' (fol. 218v) and 'Precium xij s' (fol. 1r)

Written at Oxford in 1380 by the Carmelite friar Peter de Bekklys.

Identifiable by secundo folio in the 1418 catalogue.

Date: A.D. 1380
Medieval Catalogue: UC48.207

Further details of medieval catalogue: UC48. UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE LIBRARIES OF CAMBRIDGE: Peterhouse: Catalogue, 24 Dec. 1418

John Holbroke (d. by July 1437), master of Peterhouse, Cambridge.

John Leland (c. 1503–1552), poet and antiquary.

John Dee (1527–1609), mathematician, astrologer, and antiquary.