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Gregory the Great — Exeter, Devon. Cathedral church of St Peter.

Provenance: Exeter, Devon. Cathedral church of St Peter.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Bodley 783
Author/Title: Gregory the Great
Type of evidence: ms: evidence from marginalia, sometimes distinctive of a particular house or known scribe, and from the style of script or illumination
Notes on evidence:

Marginal marking in pencil as in other Exeter MSS, e.g. Bodley 289. Compare also the decoration in Bodley 691, also an Exeter book.

Identifiable in the 1506 catalogue by second folio (one of two copies therein with this second folio, 'quod aliter'). Its size sugests that it, more probably than Bodley 708, is the '4to pastoral Care' mentioned in the Benefactors' Register.

Damp damage at each end, as in many books from Exeter.

Document added at the end in which the prior and convent 'S. Nicholai Ex'' supplicate Bishop John (?Grandisson) that John Taylere acolyte should be advanced to subdeacon.

Date: s. xi/xii
Medieval Catalogue Notes: Cat. pp. 302, 367 or 371