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Biblia — Dunfermline, Fife. Benedictine abbey of the Holy Trinity.

Provenance: Dunfermline, Fife. Benedictine abbey of the Holy Trinity.
Location: National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
Shelfmark: Advocates 1.1.1
Author/Title: Biblia
Type of evidence: inferred evidence
Notes on evidence:

"There is to be seen in the Advocates Library at Edinburgh a very elegant copy of St. Jerome's Latin Bible in MS beautifully illuminated. This Bible (according to a note annexed) is said to have been used in the great church of Dunfermline in the reign of David I, and at the time of the Reformation to have been carried over to France (along with many other things belonging to the church and abbacy) where it became the property of the famous M. Foucault, as appears from his coat of arms affixed, at the sale of whose books, it was purchased by a Scotch gentleman by whom it was brought back to this country" (Old Statistical Account of Scotland 13 (1794), p. 453 n.).

Date: s. xiii