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Eutropius, etc. — Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. King's College.

Provenance: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. King's College.
Location: National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
Shelfmark: Advocates 18.3.10
Author/Title: Eutropius, etc.
Type of evidence: s: evidence from the style of script or illumination
Notes on evidence:

Formed one volume with Advocates 18.3.11: they have the same decoration, annotations and catchwords in the same hand. 'Ro. Braidfut', fols. 90v, 132v: he was the scribe of fols. 1–99. Fols. 91–99 were transferred hence from Advocates 18.3.11 in 1970 (Scriptorium 27 (1973), 71–2).

For an ex libris, see Advocates 18.3.11.

Date: A.D. 1481

38 Denmilne. Balfour's '1630' (fol. 1r) 'Ex libris magistri Dauidis conyngami ex dono', s. xvi, fol. 132v 'Ex libris andree Broun ex dono Dauidis episcopi aberdonensis', fol. 90v