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Canones conciliorum, etc. — Hereford, Herefordshire. Cathedral church of St Ethelbert.

Provenance: Hereford, Herefordshire. Cathedral church of St Ethelbert.
Location: Cathedral , Hereford
Shelfmark: O.ii.7
Author/Title: Canones conciliorum, etc.
Type of evidence: inferred evidence
Notes on evidence:

Pricemark "x s'" at beginning.

Title on flyleaf, "DECRETA", resembles titles in O.ii.9, P.iv.11,

Contents of the book:

(fols. i recto–ii verso) contemporary additions:

(fol. i recto) "Testamentum Ciceronis. Si testamentorum solemnitas introducta ... si tamen castam uitam duxerit"

(fols. i verso–ii verso) Acts of Lateran Council I, 18–28 March 1123: "Acta concilii Rome in patriarchio Laterensi celebrati ...; Sanctorum patrum exempla sequentes ... auctoritate apostolica prohibemus."

(fol. ii verso) list of contents, s. xv in.

(fols. 1r–44r, 44v–45v) Canon law collection.

(fols. 46r–150v) Collectio in XVII libris: "Primus liber continet de ordinatione et electione ... a sacerdote purifi". An abridgement of Burchard of Worms, Decretum, with additonal extracts from councils and decrees.

(fols. 150v–152v) contemporary additions:

a) (fols. 150v–151r) Acts of the Primatial Council at London c.28 May 1108

b) (fol. 151r–v) Legatine Council at Westminster 8 September 1125

c) (fols. 151v–152r) Legatine Council at Westminster 13–16 May 1127.

Date: s. xii