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Engelberti, Speculum virtutum ( "Speculum Alquini. bonus liber") — Hereford, Herefordshire. Franciscan convent.

Provenance: Hereford, Herefordshire. Franciscan convent.
Location: Cathedral , Hereford
Shelfmark: O.ii.11
Author/Title: Engelberti, Speculum virtutum ( "Speculum Alquini. bonus liber")
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

"F. 39" (flyleaf).

"Hunc librum contulit dominus Willelmus de Chalbenor, capellanus, fratri W. de Schypton', nepoti suo, quod habeat usum usque ad terminum vite sue: post eius decessum remaneat in communitate fratrum minorum Hereford'." (flyleaf).

Date: s. xiii ex.
Pressmark: F.39

A William Chabbenor ordained priest at Leominster 1 June 1387; this inscription is earlier, however (c. 1300).

Old binding.