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Summa Britonis — London, Franciscan convent.

Provenance: London, Franciscan convent.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Douce 239
Author/Title: Summa Britonis
Type of evidence: i: evidence from an inscription of ownership by an individual member of a religious house (which may not, however, be evidence for institutional ownership)
Notes on evidence:

"Iste libellus est fratris Ambrosii Kelle Sentenciarii et quondam cursoris sacratissime facultatis theologice in conventu nostrorum fratrum minorum Londoniensium" (? s. xvi).

Date: s. xv ex.

Francis Bernard (CMA 3623).

W. Clavell sale 39 March 1742 Octavo MS. 22.

J. Monro sale 23 April 1792 lot 3(or 5?)334.


Ambrose Kell, Franciscan scholar of theology, obtained right of free entry into Univ. Library Oxford 1507.